DIVINE INTERVENTION~Mayan~Shamanic~energetic healing~transformation~wellbeing

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DIVINE INTERVENTION~Mayan~Shamanic~energetic healing~transformation~wellbeing


Divine Intervention is an ancient Mayan Shamanic healing technique in which the practitioner holds space for miracles to occur.  The results is changes on all levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  These changes can take many years to develop using traditional healing techniques, if they occur at all.

  •  Divine Intervention is nothing more or less than igniting the connection to the ancient, eternal Source of all creation, in our universe, one of the most sacred of prayers. This healing modality can be done in person or by long distance healing.
  • Sometimes our potential is not realized because we are personally too close to the barriers that stand in our way. Present illness, past physical and emotional trauma, issues surrounding personal and family relationships, and obstacles concerning financial affairs and money management are just a few of the areas that can benefit from the healing energy of Divine Intervention.

 Healings by appointment.

Please call to schedule: 844-697-9257