Large Black Obsidian Sheen Obelisks, Works Extremely Fast, Hides Nothing (M)

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Item #4569 - Smallest One

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Available:  4569, 4567

This listing is for 1 Black Obsidian Sheen Obelisk.  The picture is a representation of what we have in inventory.  If you want one in the pictures please indicate the number in the comments when you check out.  Otherwise we'll pick one for you.
These pieces makes a statement for sure and would look nice on a mantel or coffee table.  If you're doing healing work, WOW, this would be an excellent working tool for a massage therapist or energy worker.  It displays beautifully and generates a ton of discussion.  People are naturally drawn to it.
The first picture really shows off the sheen on one side of the obelisk. This one side has the majority of the sheen.
Black Obsidian is a stone that works very quickly and nothing can be hidden from it.  Use with caution as it can bring up negative emotions that can feel overwhelming.  Black Obsidian is a protection stone and helps to absorb 'environmental' pollution.  
 Approximate Sizes:
The weight of these Black Obsidian Sheen Obelisks range from 1 pound 7 ounces to 2 pounds 11 ounces.
Height of these pieces range from 7" to 10.2" Base: Most are 2.5: - 2.6".  The smaller Obelisk is about 2".
The Bases for most are 2.5" - 2.6". The smaller one is about 2".

Item:  4569,  4567