Libyan Desert Glass Pendants, Gold Libyan Glass, Libyan Tektite, Tektite

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Libyan Desert Glass pendants, All pieces available

Libyan Desert Glass Tektite Pendants, Libyan Glass, Tektite, Sterling Silver

Pick your favorite Libyan Desert Glass Tektite pendant from our inventory, you'll get the exact one you select.   Libyan Desert Glass was formed when a meteorite hit the earth about 34 million years ago.  Libyan Desert Glass is said to carry wisdom from the celestial world.  

If you have a hard time using Moldavite then try Libyan Desert Glass.  It's related to Moldavite but has a softer and gentler energy.  For some it is much easier to use that Moldavite. 

We're excited for you to select your favorite size of Libyan Desert Glass Tektite pendant.  You are purchasing 1 piece which has a sterling silver bale and comes in a gift box.  Approximately size of the pendants are .5" to .65".  Some may have dark inclusions, please check the pictures.