Opalite Massage Wands, Opalite Wands, Man Made Opalite

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Opalite Massage Wands

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Opalite Massage Wands, Opalite Wands

Opalite is a man made glass 'crystal'. Some Opalite will have an iridescent blue color and others are more milky white in color. Opalite allowing you to express yourself in an effective but gentle way. This stone broadcasts its nurturing energy inwards, helping you accept yourself. Opalite reminds you that you are unique in the universe and that you should celebrate that fact!  Use these wands to rub out sore, stressful areas in your body. We love to use them on our feet, around the knees, palms and on the shoulders.

*** Note: Opalite is a made made glass product, not a natural crystal. IT does have imperfections such as swirling and air bubbles.***

We're excited to intuitively select a Opalite wand for you from our inventory. The picture is a representation of what we have in stock. Approximate size 4.35” long x .9” wide at the larger end and .6” at the smaller end.