Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Crystals to Inspire, Malachite in Chrysocolla

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5 Chrysocolla piece, front view

Chrysocolla and Malachite Polished Pieces, You Select Your Favorite Polished Piece

This combination of chrysocolla and malachite are said to hold a high healing vibration and balances any chakra. Both Malachite and Chrysocolla work with the heart chakra. Malachite is a transformation stone and Chrysocolla bring peace during change.

Select your favorite piece of chrysocolla with malachite, you'll receive the exact crystal in the picture. Approximate sizes below, you actual stone maybe slightly larger or smaller:
#1: 3.25" long x 2" wide x .5" thick and weighs 3.4 ozs.
#2: 2.4" long x 1.75" wide x .9" thick and weighs 3.4 ozs.
#3: 2" long x 1.6" wide x .45" thick and weighs 1.8 ozs.
#4: 2.4" long x 1.8" wide x .6" thick and weighs 3.2 ozs.
#5: 1.8" long x 1.4" wide x .75" thick and weighs 1.8 ozs.