Quartz Tumbled Pebbles, Small Size, Amplifies Energy

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Tumbled Quartz Stones

Quartz Tumbled Stones for Healing Work, 4 ounces 

You will receive 1 bag of tumbled Quartz pebble stones. The bag will have approximately 35-40 stones and weigh in total 4 ounces. These small tumbled stones are perfect to use in healing work or to fit in our metal tumbled stone cages.

These pebbles are primarily clear Quartz with wispy inclusions. Size wise they are on the small size and measure about .5 to 1" (11-25mm). The bag will contain a mixture of some larger and smaller stones. If you need all larger or all smaller email us at and we'll do our best to met your needs.
Also check out the picture of one of the tumbled Quartz Pebbles inside the cage. NOTE: This listing is not for the Cage with the stone, only for the 4 ounce bag of tumbled Quartz pebble stones.

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