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Chakra Colored Selenite Rods

Chakra Colored Selenite Rods, 3" Chakra Colored Satin Spar Selenite Rods

The latest trend in Selenite is dyeing it different colors to match our chakras! Purchase 1 individual or a set of 5 colors.  Sorry we have not been able to get purple or white back in stock in the 3" size.  Approximate size of the pieces is 3" Inches Length.  Since this is a natural product shapes and sizes may vary.

Satin Spar vs. Selenite
Both Satin Spar and Selenite are in the gypsum family. Satin Spar is a fibrous and opaque stone that is typically known and sold as Selenite in the metaphysical community. True or real Selenite is clear and you can see through it. It looks like sheets of glass.

Option 1: Set of 5 rods
Option 2: Red rods
Option 3: Orange rods
Option 4: Yellow rods
Option 5: Green rods
Option 6: Blue rods
Option 7: Purple rods
Option 8: White rods