Red Goldstone Pyramids, Mini Pyramids 1 inch, Orange Goldstone, Pyramidsone, Root, Sacral

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Mini 1 inch Goldstone Pyramids, 8 pieces

Red Goldstone Pyramids, Mini Pyramids, 1 Inch Pyramids

These are VERY SMALL pyramids! The base of the pyramid is about .9" - 1" at the base and about .75" (3/4 in) tall, that is under 1" tall. We're excited to select a Goldstone pyramid for you from our inventory. The actual sizes of the pyramids may vary, some might be slightly larger or smaller.

Not sure how big .75" is? Look at your index finger and where the first bend is to the tip of your finger is about .75"-1".

Goldstone is a man-made stone and the sparkle comes from copper. Goldstone is called the stone of ambition and is believed to help you reach your goals. These small pyramids have tons of sparkle!