Rhodonite Flames, Polished Rhodonite Tower Flames

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Rhodonite  Flame, back view

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Rhodonite Flame, Polished Rhodonite Flame, Rhodonite for Forgiveness

We're excited to introduce you to this rock star of a crystal - the Rhodonite Polished Flame Crystal. It's not just a pretty piece of decor; it's a spiritual tool meant to spark your journey of self-discovery and healing.

Handcrafted with intention this rhodonite flame is your go-to vibe-enhancer. From Brazil, this piece is drenched in natural energy. It sports a deep, dark pink hue, connecting with your heart chakra and totally ready to connect with your emotional core.

This piece is approximately 3.4" tall x 2.4" wide x 1.3" thick and weighs a solid 12 ounces. This Rhodonite flame feels tangible, real, and grounded - just like the growth you're about to experience. And, bonus, you'll get the exact Rhodonite flame you see in the picture. No surprises - it's yours and yours alone.

So, let's talk about what this Rhodonite flame is all about. Known as the 'Stone of Forgiveness,' Rhodonite is your personal cheerleader for emotional work. It’s all about the heart chakra, driving home the vibes of love and forgiveness.

Whether you're trying to shake off the remnants of that tough breakup, heal from emotional bumps and bruises, or just level up your emotional game, this Rhodonite flame is ready to help. It's all about transformation and rebirth, turning the negativity into positivity, and helping you let go of what doesn't serve you anymore.

The flame shape? It's not just for aesthetics (although it looks pretty nice, right?). It's all about transformation. Think of it like a phoenix, ready to rise from the ashes, signaling a new chapter in your journey.

When you pick up our Rhodonite Polished Flame Crystal, you're not just adding to your crystal collection. You're embracing a spiritual journey, sparking forgiveness, love, and personal transformation. This Rhodonite flame is your stepping stone to the metaphysical world, a ticket to self-improvement, and your guide on the path to emotional healing.

So, are you ready to let this Rhodonite flame be your spiritual sidekick? Grab your own polished Rhodonite piece today and embark on your journey to a more emotionally balanced, harmonious you. Welcome to, where your Rhodonite flame is ready to ignite your path to personal growth.