Rose Quartz Skulls, Skulls, Rose Quartz Gemstone

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Rose Quartz Skulls,  small and medium

Rose Quartz Skulls, Skulls

Rose Quartz stones promote love and harmony. They help you build caring relationships with others as well as cultivating a deep sense of self-love. When you are able to approach yourself and others from a position of universal love, you are able to achieve a strong sense of peace. Rose Quartz’s connection to the heart can also promote emotional clarity and remove blocks to your personal growth.

Select your favorite size for a Rose Quartz skull. Approximate sizes:
Medium skull weighs 10.4 ozs. and is 2.75" front to back, 2.1" tall and 1.8" wide.
Small skulls are light colored rose quartz, approximate size is weighs 2.5 ozs. and is 1.95" front to back, 1.5" tall and 1.2" wide.

Similar to spheres, skulls emit vibrations in every direction. Therefore, their energy is particularly potent. When placed in a room, a crystal skull will affect the entire space’s energy, and it can even expand to the whole home or neighborhood. Crystal skulls also make great anchors for crystal grids, particularly those relating to spirituality, study, and protection. Set a clear intention for your crystal skull to make the most of its remarkable powers.

The skull’s form carries a strong correlation to the mind. Place a crystal skull on your desk to encourage learning. Crystal skulls are also excellent meditation tools. They represent ancient wisdom and expand your consciousness, allowing you to access the divine knowledge that you need to reach enlightenment.