Scolecite Crystal Towers, 8 Sided Towers for Third Eye Chakra

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Scolecite Towers, 6 pieces

Scolecite Towers, 8 Sided Towers, High Vibration Healing Crystals

Scolecite enables you to exercise forgiveness and empathy, beginning with yourself and then out to the world. Scolecite encourages you to approach situations with creativity, looking at the bigger picture and exploring all the possibilities available.

This batch of towers has some workmanship issues, the towers are either not 100% flat on the bottom or were cut in a way that they tilt. I feel these issues don't impact the energy of this wonderful crystal. The towers have been discounted to reflect the flaws.

We're excited to intuitively select a Scolecite tower for you from our inventory. Approximate sizes 3.25-3.75" tall x 1.25" at the base. The picture is a representation of what we have in stock. The actual tower you receive may be slightly larger or smaller.