Shungite Mini Pins, Rough Shungite

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Shungite on a Metal Stand

Shungite Mini Pins, Rough Shungite 

One of the My Dream Crystals "Top 10 Must Have Stones". Shungite is particularly good for protection from all forms of electromagnetic pollution (EMF). Shungite is a rich source of fullerines which is a powerful antioxidant. When added to water, Shungite becomes a highly effective purifier and healer of many maladies.

Shungite is an ancient stone believed to be over 2 billion years old. It is only sourced exclusively from Northern Russia. Shungite is a powerful healer as well as a protective and grounding stone.

We're excited to intuitively select a Shungite mini pin for you from our inventory. The pictures are a representation of what we have in stock. Approximate sizes are 3.5" to 4"5".

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