Small Amethyst Geode Clusters - Polished Brazilian Amethyst

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Amethyst Cut Base Geode front View

Small Amethyst Cut Bases Pieces, Polished Cut Base Amethyst

We recently received a shipment of 'rainbow amethyst'. It's Amethyst with various mineral deposits which alters the typical dark purple color. We really love the variation in the colors and hope you do too. Check out some of our other Amethyst listings.

These are SMALL cut base amethyst pieces with rounded polished sides.

Amethyst is considered a calming stone and is nice to keep by your bed side, in your living or work area. It's a spiritual stone and associated with our crown and 3rd eye chakra.

You will receive the exact SMALL Amethyst cut base stone shown in the picture.  Approximate sizes:
1: 2.1" tall x 2.85" W x 1.6" D and weighs 6.1 ozs.
2: 2.8" tall x 2.25" W x .8" D and weighs 3.8 ozs.
3: 2.2" tall x 1.75" W x 1.4" D and weighs 4.4 ozs.
4: 2.25" tall x 2" W x 2.1" D and weighs 7.7 ozs.