Small or Medium Metal Cages, For Tumbled Stones & Small Points

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Metal Cages

Small or Medium Metal Cages for Tumbled Stones & Small Points

Purchase this listing and you'll receive 1 Metal Cage, the cage is not on a cord.  Pls indicate if you want the small or medium sized cage.  Picture is of medium cages.
These Metal cages are designed to stretch out and hold tumbled stones or small points.  It's possible to get a few tumbled stones in the cage if they are smaller stones!  You can even exchange out the stones daily depending on your mood or what energy you need for the day.  The metal cages are around 3/4" in height, this can vary depending on how much the metal cage is stretched out.
Check out the picture of one of the single terminated Quartz points and tumbled Quartz inside the cage. 
NOTE: This listing is for the Cage and does not include a tumbled stone. If you do desire some tumbled stones email to see if we have it in stock.
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