Stromatolite Palm Stones, Stromatolite Fossil Stone

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Stromatolite Palm Stones

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Stromatolite Palm Stones, Polished Stromatolite Fossil Stones

If you're wanting to add a really really old stone to your collection then a Stromatolite crystal is a perfect choice. Stromatolite is believed to be between 2-3 BILLION years old. We also have Stromatolite in tumbled stones.

Stromatolites were common in Precambrian time (i.e., more than 542 million years ago). Some of the first forms of life on Earth are recorded in stromatolites present in rocks 3.5 billion years old. Although stromatolites continue to form in certain areas of the world today, they grow in greatest abundance in Shark Bay in western Australia. A matlike layer of blue-green algae is able to grow on the surface of sediments in the shallow waters there because evaporation causes high concentrations of salt that discourage snails and other organisms from eating the blue-green algae.

We're excited to intuitively pick a Stromatolite palm stone for you from our inventory. The pictures are a representation of what we have available. Approximate sizes of #2:  3" long x 1.95" wide and .9" thick. The stone you receive may be slightly larger or smaller.  #2 in the picture is what is still available.