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Apache Tears (Obsidian)


Apache Tears is a variety of Obsidian made of volcanic glass. The shape is shaped like a tear drop with an uneven surface.  Apache tears align well with other grounding stones such as Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Garnet.

  • Is an excellent grounding stone. 
  • Excellent for psychic protection making it a great stone for healers to carry.
  • It provides a shield against any form of negativity. 
  • Carrying/wearing it disperses those unloving thoughts which arise from within the self or are directed toward ones physical form. 
  • Useful in healing, provides clarity as to cause and lessening of disease. 
  • Stimulates hair and nail growth and boosts the immune system.
  • Helps with assimilation of Vitamins C and D.
  • Removes toxins and calms muscle spasms.
  • Used to comfort in times of grief.  It, metaphorically, ‘sheds’ the tears for one in times of sorrow, allowing for true understanding of the situation of distress in order to provide insight and acceptance. If used in conjunction with Rhodocrosite, it promotes forgiveness and release.
  • Bring through joy and a healthier outlook about life.
  • Because this stone clears so many heavy emotions they need to be cleared frequently.

The Apache Tear gets its name from an American Indian legend. The story goes that the Apache tribe were outnumbered in battle and many were killed. The rest retreated to the cliff top and chose to jump to their death rather than be captured. The women of the tribe were heartbroken and mourned greatly and it is said that as their tears dropped to the earth they turned to these amazing stones. This makes them excellent stones for grief.

Horoscope sign: Aries and Scorpio

Element: Earth and Fire.

Chakras: Root and Heart

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