Black Tourmaline Raw, Rough Pieces, by the Piece or Pound

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Black Tourmaline Rough, Medium Sized

Black Tourmaline Raw Rough Pieces, By the Piece or Pound

We love these Black Tourmaline pieces for placing around the house or yard for protection.  We offer a variety of sizes and even a bulk 1 pound option. These smooth raw pieces would be good for gridding or placing next to a doorway entry.  Black Tourmaline stones are a must have in your crystal tool box.

We're excited to intuitively select a Black Tourmaline rough piece for you from our inventory or package up a pound.  The picture is a representation of what we have in stock.

Sizes available - Approximate, may vary +/-
Chips: 1 ounce package
X-Small: .5"
Small: Out of Stock
Medium: 1" to 2"
Large: 2" to 3"
X-Large: 1 Lb 5.5 oz piece.  You'll receive this exact piece
Bulk: 1 pound of medium rough (1"-2"), 5-7 stones.