Hunter's Moon: A Full Moon so Large it Dominates the Sky

Hunter's Moon: A Full Moon so Large it Dominates the Sky

Posted by Heather McConnell on 18th Oct 2021

Hunter’s Moon

If you look up at the night sky on October 20th, you will see something extraordinary: a full moon so large and magnificent that it dominates the sky, glowing a festive Halloween orange. The Hunter’s Moon, also known as the Blood Moon, the Leaf Falling Moon, and the Moon the Birds Fly South, will reach its peak at 10:56am EDT on October 20th this year, but its radiance will be visible between October 19th and October 21st.

The Hunter’s Moon carries an amazing energy. Unsure how to harness it? My Dream Crystals is here to help!

What is the Hunter’s Moon?

The Hunter’s Moon is the first full moon after the Harvest Moon, which occurs close to the autumnal equinox. The name “Hunter’s Moon” first entered into popular usage in the early 18th century, and it comes from traditional Native American activities for late October. After harvesting all of their crops, our ancestors would focus on hunting to bulk up their food options for the coming winter. With the fields cleared, animals were much easier to spot, and they were attracted to the leftover bits of grain and crops.

In the night sky, the Hunter’s Moon appears unusually large and orange. It feels perfect for the supernatural energy of Halloween, and this optical illusion is the result of a unique astrological event. Typically, the moon rises 50 minutes later each day. However, near the autumnal equinox, the moon’s orbit takes a slim angle around the horizon line. So, the Hunter’s Moon rises about 30 minutes later the previous day. This astrological phenomenon provides more moonlight for longer, which our ancestors took advantage of for their hunting.

The Hunter’s Moon’s orange tint is thanks to this early rise, as well. The moon is lower on the horizon, and the Earth’s atmosphere scatters red light, allowing the moon to take on an orangey hue.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Hunter’s Moon?

The Hunter’s Moon occurs near the pagan sabbat of Samhain, and it carries many similar associations. (For more information, check out our blog, Best Crystals for Samhain!)

As we prepare for winter, we look inward. Light up the encroaching darkness with the clarity of self-reflection. The veil between the earthly and spiritual worlds is at its thinnest in the fall, peaking on October 31st, so your spirit guides will be especially easy to connect with. Seize this opportunity for spiritual growth.

For our ancestors, fall also had high stakes: if they gathered enough food, they would survive the winter. If they failed, the community faced an extremely perilous situation. We can translate these concerns to a more modern context. The Hunter’s Moon is a time to reflect on our work over the previous year and prepare to set new intentions. It encourages us to acknowledge our own vulnerability and mortality. Although the season can engender fear, making peace with our weaknesses actually helps us become stronger.

The Hunter’s Moon is also heavily associated with the Hellenic goddess of the hunt, Artemis (known as Diana to the Romans). The twin sister of Apollo the Sun God, Artemis represents the moon and the hunt, and she is the protector of women. She shunned marriage, favoring the company of animals and other women over patriarchal pressures.

What Crystals Should I Use at the Hunter’s Moon?

The Hunter’s Moon is a conduit for ancient lessons about survival, introspection, and spirituality. With their strong connection to both the Earth and the divine realm, crystals are the perfect way to fully understand and amplify this moon’s teachings.

All full moons carry a very strong energy. For some people, these frequencies can be too much, and they start acting strangely; it’s no coincidence that folklore links werewolves with the full moon. To harness the Harvest Moon’s energy for positive outcomes, turn to White Moonstone. This crystal supports the divination, manifestation, and gratitude practices surrounding this time of year. You may also want to work with other abundance crystals, such as Jade or Black Opal, to set strong intentions for the next lunar cycle and the year to come. For more information on crystals and moon cycles, check out our National Moon Day article.

As you take the time to reflect on the past year, reach for Hematite. This crystal provides clarity, illuminating your strengths and weaknesses and providing a practical path forward. If you are in need of a more innovative approach to self-understanding, Iolite will reveal creative solutions to your problems. Lapis Lazuli also unlocks your Third Eye Chakra to invite divine guidance.

Our ancestors were especially sensitive to the planet’s natural cycles at the Harvest Moon. Use Garnierite to attune yourself to the Earth’s energies. As the veil thins, you may also want to use Chrysoprase to connect with the planet through the fairy realm. Finally, Moqui Marbles lends the Earth’s protection while also opening you to receive spiritual wisdom.

Since the Hunter’s Moon is sacred to Artemis/Diana, it is an opportunity to commune with her unique brand of goddess energy. According to Greek mythology, Amethyst invokes Artemis’ protection. Amethyst was a young woman who wanted to devote herself to Artemis’ cult, but she attracted Dionysus’ attention. Artemis turned Amethyst into a Clear Quartz statue to protect her from the lustful god, and Dionysus’ tears of attrition turned the crystal purple.

Our ancestors recognized the significance of the Hunter’s Moon as a time for self-reflection and spiritual growth. Through crystals, we can work with the moon’s magical vibrations to illuminate our lives. What can personal development can you “hunt” for this fall?