My Dream Crystals - July 2023 Edition

My Dream Crystals - July 2023 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 27th Jul 2023

Crystals and Yoga

If you’re interested in crystals, chances are that you are interested in other holistic wellness techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. But did you know that you can combine crystals with any of these methods?

Today, we’re exploring how crystals and yoga can complement each other, leaving you feeling centered, refreshed, and energized!

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a combination of movement with breathing techniques and mantras to achieve physical, spiritual, and mental wellness. According to Hinduism, yoga has been present through the entirety of human history—and those beliefs may not be too far off! The available research suggests that yoga has been around for at least 5,000-10,000 years.

Yoga as we know it today started taking shape in northern India around 3000 BCE, when it had reached enough prominence in the Indus-Sarasvati civilization to be recorded in the sacred Rig Veda. In the fourth century CE, yoga principles were codified in Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and these principles still influence modern yoga today.

During the nineteenth century, Hatha yoga, a form of yoga focused on the mind-body-spirit connection, reached Europe and the United States, but it didn’t achieve widespread popularity until Indra Devi opened her Hollywood yoga studio in 1947. Now, the numerous benefits of yoga have made it more than just an exotic fad—it’s a cornerstone of wellness around the world!

A yoga practice can improve your overall physical wellness by promoting strength, balance, flexibility, relaxation, and vitality. It is a powerful mood booster, and it is even useful for relieving pain and inflammation.

How Can Crystals Enhance My Yoga Practice?

Yoga nurtures the body, mind, and soul, and when you work crystals into a yoga routine with intention, you amplify both practices! You can use any crystal you like, but if we do recommend opting for tumbled stones if you decide to place your crystals in the immediate vicinity of your yoga mat. The smooth surface will help avoid pokes and scrapes as you move through poses.

Yoga is heavily informed by Chakra work, so when you are choosing your yoga crystal, you may want to think about the Chakras you are looking to work with. If anxiety is creating a pit in your stomach, you want to look for a Sacral Chakra crystal like Carnelian, or if you are using yoga in conjunction with meditation, you may want to choose a Crown Chakra crystal like Selenite. You will see the best results if you charge your crystal (and your yoga practice) with a specific intention before you begin.

There are so many different ways to incorporate these crystals into your yoga practice:

  • Raise the entire space’s vibration by putting a crystal in your yoga area. If you have a meditation altar, that’s also a great place.
  • Wear a comfortable crystal ring, bracelet, or pendant while you practice. If you use mala beads, you can look for crystal ones!
  • Place crystals around your yoga mat. You can try simply putting one at the top of your mat, or you can create a crystal grid with your mat at the center!
  • Put a crystal within your field of vision, and as you hold a pose, let your eyes focus on it. Observe the stone closely and meditate on its energy.
  • Place a crystal on your body during shavasana. Be mindful of Chakra alignments and put stones over their related Chakra, like Lapis Lazuliover the Third Eye or Malachite over the Heart.
  • When you give thanks at the end of your practice, be sure to thank your crystals as well.
  • Store your yoga materials (i.e. mat, bag, clothes, etc.) with a crystal to charge them.

Our Favorite Yoga Crystals

Clear Quartz: As a master healer, Clear Quartz makes a great choice for yoga. It amplifies your intentions for your practice, and it also balances your entire Chakra system. Since Clear Quartz resonates so strongly with the Crown Chakra, it is also very helpful for improving the meditative quality of your yoga practice and encouraging clarity.

Amethyst: Amethyst activates your Third Eye and Crown Chakras to promote peace and patience. It engages your intuition so that you can access divine wisdom and activate your highest self. Amethyst also helps you release anything that is not serving you—both in your yoga practice and in life.

Fluorite: Fluorite is a powerful concentration crystal. If you struggle with focusing during your yoga practice, Fluorite will help keep you centered and calm.

Hematite: Hematite resonates very strongly with Earth energy, and it provides grounding and stability. You can channel these vibrations to improve your yoga practice. Hematite helps you achieve balance on a mental, emotional, and physical level—and hold Tree Pose!

Moonstone: Moonstone calls to your soul. It awakens divine feminine energy, making it easier for you to slow down and listen to your body’s needs during your yoga practice.

Tiger’s Eye: If you are doing a particularly difficult or active yoga sequence, reach for this crystal. It is profoundly motivating and energizing, helping you stretch your limits and approach challenges with confidence.

Enjoy your new crystal-infused yoga practice, and namaste.

What is a Supermoon?

This month, we will have a supermoon on the 3rd that will kick off a series of supermoons lasting through the end of September. This year, we will experience supermoons on July 3rd, August 1st, August 31st, and September 29th. With all of this intense lunar energy swirling around, it’s critical that we understand what supermoons really mean and how we can work with them.

What Causes a Supermoon?

Supermoons are ultimately caused by the Moon’s orbit. The Moon doesn’t orbit the Earth in a perfect circle; it’s an oval. As the Moon travels around the Earth, it will hit the apogee, the point on the oval farthest from the Earth, and the perigee, the point closest to the Earth.

A supermoon occurs when the Moon approaches the perigee at the same time as it’s full or new phases—points when the Moon, Earth, and Sun are in perfect alignment. New supermoons are invisible, as many new moons are, but full supermoons will appear extremely bright and brilliant.

The supermoons in late summer to early fall 2023 will all occur during the full moon phase. The full moon is already the time when lunar energy is at its peak, and the supermoon’s proximity to Earth makes these vibrations even more intense.

Pyrite forthe Buck Supermoon on July 3rd, 2023

The July Buck Moon gets its name from the natural cycles of deer; a buck’s antlers will reach full growth in summer, before they shed their antlers to grow them even larger the next year.

This year’s Buck Supermoon brings an intensely abundant energy. It is a great time for manifesting, but this supermoon also asks you to count your blessings and enjoy what you already have. The Buck Supermoon pairs perfectly with Pyrite. Pyrite is an extremely attractive crystal, but it also has grounding properties that remind you to appreciate the “now,” even as you’re striving for the future. Incorporate Pyrite into a gratitude or manifestation ritual this July!

Red Jasper for the Sturgeon Supermoon on August 1st, 2023

The Sturgeon Moon relates to the time of year when sturgeons, who have been living in the mud at the bottom of the lake, rise out of the deep to search for food. Just like the sturgeon, the August full moon stirs things up. If you have been avoiding a conflict, shoving down negative feelings, or refusing to deal with something, the supermoon will shine a light on it—whether you want it to your not.

Red Jasper will help you navigate this particularly turbulent moon. It resonates strongly with Earth energy, providing profound nurturing and protection, while also giving you the mental and emotional clarity to deal with any issues that the Sturgeon Supermoon may dredge up in the healthiest, most effective way possible. Red Jasper can supercharge your meditation practice during the Sturgeon Supermoon so that you can discover and work through your emotions.

Jade for the Blue Supermoon on August 31st, 2023

If you’re familiar with the phrase, “once in a blue moon,” then you know that a blue moon is something extraordinary. When combined with a supermoon, the August 2023 Blue Supermoon will be extra special!

The Blue Supermoon provides an extra infusion of lunar energy, so work with Jade to take adventure of it! This lucky crystal encourages you to cultivate a fulfilling life based on infinite positivity, universal connection, and a calm, nurturing heart. Use Jade in combination with your favorite divination method, like tarot, pendulums, or scrying, to explore what new opportunities the Blue Supermoon may bring you!

Moonstone for the Harvest Supermoon Eclipse on September 29th, 2023

2023’s supermoon series will come to an end with a Harvest Supermoon Eclipse in September. The Harvest Moon is a time of completion and gratitude, so it makes sense that the supermoons would end at this time. As we discussed in May, lunar eclipses also present a door.

During the Harvest Supermoon, use introspective, nurturing Moonstone to reflect on what you have learned since the supermoon cycle started in July. Be grateful for what you have gained, and release the things that no longer serve you. We will be heading into the dark part of the year, and you will want to prepare yourself for this new phase. A Moonstone ritual bath is the perfect way to connect with the Harvest Supermoon Eclipse’s energies.

We hope that this year’s special supermoon cycle shines a guiding light on your life!

Fun in the Sun: Summer Vacation Crystals

It’s time to hit the road! Whether you’re headed to a beloved beach town that you have been visiting since childhood, exploring a new country, or just enjoying your own backyard, summer vacation is a treasured opportunity to relax and reset.

But don’t leave your crystals at home! Here are some of our favorite stones to help you get the most out of your vacation:


Aquamarine has long been valued for protecting travelers, especially those traveling on water, so if you’re headed on a cruise, it’s a must-have stone! However, Aquamarine has plenty of other benefits. It is a great worry stone, helping you leave stress at home and deal with any anxieties that pop up along your travels.


If you’re traveling with family and worried about being in close quarters for a long time, reach for Carnelian. This warm, nurturing crystal deepens interpersonal relationships, and its creative energy will help you discover fresh joys anywhere you go!


Citrine is probably the number one summer stone. It embodies the Sun’s radiance, promoting happiness, abundance, and energy. Bring this infinite positivity crystal with you to have the best vacation ever!


Travel is always full of unexpected pitfalls, from missed trains to wrong turns to lost luggage, but Jade can protect you! This lucky stone will help you sidestep misfortunes along your journey, and its calming energy will show you how to truly relax and recharge.


When we get stuck in a stress cycle, it can be hard to break out, and sometimes a change of scenery just isn’t enough. Kunzite cuts through both external and internal noise so that you can release your stressors and enjoy your vacation.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is the perfect crystal for international travel. It offers protection, but, most importantly, it promotes an open mindset. With Mahogany Obsidian in your pocket, you will be able to fully experience every culture you visit.


Malachite is a balancer, and crystal healers have long recommended it for motion sickness, seasickness, fear of flying, and jet lag. If anything about travel makes you feel off-kilter, Malachite is the stone for you!

Orange Calcite

If you’re looking to infuse extra fun into your vacation, reach for Orange Calcite. This celebration crystal gets the party going and makes sure that you always have space for joy, pleasure, and downright silliness!


Turquoise resonates strongly with animals, making it ideal for vacationing with pets. Turquoise can help soothe your furry friends during long car, train, or plane rides, and if you have to leave your pet at home with a sitter, Turquoise will wrap them in a blanket of calm and security.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper radiates an adventurous energy. It’s the perfect companion for exciting travel experiences, like exploring a new country, but it can also turn even the most mundane hike into a thrilling quest!

No matter where this year’s summer vacation takes you, there is a crystal for you!

Out of this World Crystals: A Guide to Tektites

Did you know that World UFO Day is on July 2nd? Whether you believe in aliens or not, we can all agree that there is something truly awe-inspiring and magical about the cosmos. And you can bring a tiny piece of infinite outer space home with you in the form of a Tektite crystal!

What is Tektite?

Tektite is a crystal that forms from a meteorite impact. When the meteorite hits the Earth’s surface, it interacts with Silica and elements like Magnesium and Iron to create a crystal that is part planet, part space. The name Tektite comes from the Greek word “tektos,” which means molten, because of the extremely high heat involved in its creation. There are many different varieties of Tektite, depending on the location of their discovery. Since each meteorite is unique and it combines with the natural elements present at its impact site, different Tektite locations result in slightly different spiritual and metaphysical properties.

Most modern Tektites are truly ancient crystals, the results of meteorites from millions of years ago, and early societies frequently used them to create tools and protective talismans. As a witness to an overwhelming amount of earthly and extraterrestrial history, Tektite conveys wisdom and out-of-this-world inspiration. This crystal expands your consciousness, encouraging you to break free from what you think you know to truly observe and comprehend the vastness of the universe. Tektite calls to the highest elements of your being, activating the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, and helps you use divine wisdom to see the reality of any situation. When you align yourself with Tektite’s transformative energy, you can discover your true life path and find with motivation to achieve your dreams.

Types of Tektites

There are dozens of Tektite varieties, but here is an overview of some of the most well-known stones.

Bediasite: Bediasite is one of only two Tektites found in North America. Approximately 34 million years old, this crystal is found in Texas and is thought to have originated from the Chesapeake Bay impact. This extremely rare crystal is especially attractive for American collectors, as it imparts a profound connection to the land where they live.

Darwinite: An Australian Tektite, Darwinite is named for Mount Darwin, the closest landmark to its initial impact, which occurred approximately 770,000 years ago. Darwinite is highly prized for energy and Chakra work, with the ability to clear and align your entire system. It is also a powerful amplifier, working with other crystals to speed up their healing effects.

Georgiaite: This Tektite, found in Georgia’s Coastal Plain is very accessible. For Georgia residents, simply digging in their garden could yield one of these translucent green stones! Like Bediasite, Georgiaite is believed to come from the Chesapeake Bay impact 34 million years ago.

Indochinite: Tracing back to a crater in Laos, this black crystal can also be found throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and southern China. Indochinite connects your Crown Chakra to your Root Chakra; more than any other crystal, it embodies the Tektite’s marriage of space and Earth. After a traumatic event, Indochinite helps you sort through the pieces and put yourself back together.

Libyan Desert Glass: Libyan Desert Glass is a Tektite resulting from a meteorite impact in Africa over 26 million years ago, and it was highly revered by the Ancient Egyptians. Libyan Desert Glass carries the gentlest energies of all of the Tektites, making it the perfect “starter” Tektite. This golden crystal channels all of the Sun’s radiance, encouraging joy, abundance, and confidence. Libyan Desert truly shows you how to live life to the fullest.

Moldavite: Moldavite is a beautiful green Tektite found in Central Europe. It carries a very intense vibration, which can be overwhelming for some users but surprisingly comforting to those who connect with the crystal. Moldavite connects your Heart Chakra to your Third Eye and Crown, allowing you to experience a profound transformation in how you view yourself and the world around you.

Philippinite: Philippinite formed from a massive impact, the Australasian Impact, near the Bay of Tonkin 780,000 years ago. Philippinite can be found scattered throughout the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.

Urguaite: This Tektite is extremely new to the crystal scene, having only been discovered in Uruguay in 2016. A deep black color, it resonates strongly with the Root Chakra, and we are eager to see what new properties this crystal reveals in the coming years.

Zhamanshinite: Also known as Irghizite, Zhamanshinite is the result of a meteorite impact in Kazakhstan 900,000 years ago. This black Tektite carries a strong connection to the earth, and it uses its grounding properties to balance the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. Zhamanshinite provides profound emotional clarity.

Do you have a favorite Tektite? Let us know!

What Does a Crystal’s Formation Mean?

You only have to look outside to see the amazing and varied shapes present in nature—from flowers to animals to trees. Crystals are part of this magnificent artwork! There are myriads of naturally occurring crystal shapes, each with their own metaphysical and spiritual meaning, and today we’re exploring four of our favorites.

Elestial Crystals

Elestial crystals are crystals that have layers of termination points, and they may have patterns etched into the surface. These crystals get their unique shape from unstable environmental conditions during their formation. Most elestial crystals are types of Quartz, like Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine, and you may hear elestial crystals referred to as Skeletal Quartz or Crocodile Quartz. Elestial crystals activate and open your Third Eye Chakra, giving you access to the psychic realms and ancient information, particularly the Akashic Records. Several crystal healers consider elestials to be “enchanted crystals.”

The divine inspiration that elestials provide helps you align yourself with unconditional love. This stone radiates angel energy. Elestial crystals teach you to release and overcome emotional baggage, and they also show you the beauty of transformation. Working with an elestial crystal over an extended period of time can help you discover your life’s purpose.

Inner Child Crystals

An inner child crystal is a naturally occurring crystal pair where a smaller crystal is embedded in a larger one. This crystal carries a nurturing parental energy; it takes gentle care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Inner Child crystals are great tools for parents, but they can also be extremely helpful for awakening and healing your own inner child. Inner Child crystals promote acceptance and forgiveness, both of ourselves and others, but they also assists with forming healthy boundaries.

Isis Crystals

An Iris crystal is a crystal with a 5-sided face, often occurring in Clear and Smoky Quartz. This crystal is named for the Ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis, who represents queenship, love, health, and knowledge and resonates strongly with the number 5. Each side of an Isis crystal’s face symbolizes one of the five elements—Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit—and these sides work together to bring balance to your life.

Isis crystals promote empowerment through a connection with the divine feminine. They are powerful dreamwork tools, allowing you to access subconscious messages and work through the limitations you have been placing on yourself. Because Isis crystals radiate confidence and unconditional love, they are also helpful for attracting friends and romantic partners.

Scepter Crystals

A scepter crystal occurs when a new crystal forms around a crystal point. This empowering stone shows you that you are inherently valuable and important, and it attunes you to your truest self. Scepter crystals also remind you to trust in the universe, releasing your “wants” to tend to your needs and the highest good for all. Scepter crystals offer divine protection and can assist with psychic abilities, including aura work. Because they are also wands, scepter crystals are great for directing energy, clearing blocked Chakras, and promoting creativity and fertility.

Next time you’re on the hunt for new crystals, keep an eye out for these amazing formations!