My Dream Crystals - June 2022 Edition

My Dream Crystals - June 2022 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 31st May 2022

Healing Crystals for Mama and Newborn

There is nothing more special, beautiful, or terrifying than being a new mom! It’s a time of discovery and love, as well as anxiety and challenge—both for parents and the newborn. Whether you are a new mom yourself or looking to help a dear friend, here is our list of the best crystals for mama and baby:


Aquamarine’s soothing blue hue is the perfect antidote to post-birth stress. This crystal resonates strongly with water and all of the element’s ability to calm and balance the emotions. You can also trust in Aquamarine to provide protection and empowering clarity, cutting through all the noise and lack of sleep. This stone also reminds you not to judge yourself. Every parent makes mistakes. You will be no exception, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t raise a happy, healthy child!

Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone is a conduit of divine feminine energy, helping mothers and babies connect with universal love and, in turn, deepen their relationship with each other. Peach Moonstone also brings mamas in tune with the lunar cycles for a smooth recovery from birth and full-body balance. This mindset encourages you to “go with the flow.” A stone of new beginnings and creativity, Peach Moonstone draws out positivity in the mother-child connection while also supporting you through its challenges.

Pink Opal

Pink Opal has a long history of being associated with mothers, including the Incan Earth Mother, Pachamama, who watches over the Andes Mountains where this stone is mined. Pink Opal carries a very nurturing energy, combining divine love with the emotional intelligence of water to carry mother and baby through the early stages of their relationship. This crystal also inspires hope for a bright future.


Rhodochrosite is the ultimate embodiment of the divine feminine. It is associated with female religious figures across multiple cultures, such as the Virgin Mary, Isis, and Aphrodite. Rhodochrosite’s gentle but firm energy encourages emotional balance based on infinite positivity and trust. This crystal helps new mothers acknowledge the difficulties that they are facing and work through them to find joy on the other side. Rhodochrosite also resonates strongly with the Inner Child, helping parents resolve issues related to childhood trauma and build healthy relationships with their own children.

Rose Quartz

The number one love crystal, Rose Quartz deepens the bond between mama and baby but also helps mothers love themselves. The process of pregnancy and birth brings dramatic change that can leave mamas feeling adrift, but Rose Quartz helps them recognize the miracle of being able to create life and celebrate their inner goddess nature!

New moms need all the help they can get, and navigating this precious yet challenging time can quickly get overwhelming. But with crystals and a little bit of trust in the universe, it can go as smoothly as possible. 

Full Moon Crystal Bath

Just because the Sun reigns during summer doesn’t mean that we should ignore our other favorite luminary, the Moon! The Strawberry Moon is coming up on June 14th (keep an eye out for our full breakdown coming soon!), and we have the perfect bath ritual to take advantage of the full moon’s powerful energy and make space for magic in our lives: a full moon crystal bath.

Since the Strawberry Moon is all about luck and love, this ritual is going to focus on those objectives. However, you can customize this ritual to fit your own intentions or the energies of different full moons throughout the year.

For your full moon crystal bath, you’ll need:

  • A bathtub
  • Your favorite bath salts
  • Flower petals
  • Tumbled Rose Quartz stones
  • Optional: soft lighting or music

Then, follow these simple steps:

  • 1.If you’d like, begin by setting the mood with soft lighting, like candles or a Himalayan salt lamp, and soothing music
  • 2.Draw your bath. Get the water to the right temperature and let it flow into the tub.
  • 3.As the tub is filling, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the water. Use this meditative moment to clarify your intention for this moon cycle. For the Strawberry Moon, mantras like “I love myself,” “I effortlessly attract what I want,” and “I am full of divine energy” are great choices!
  • 4.State your intention aloud. Repeat it as you add the bath salts and flower petals to the tub. The salt provides cleansing and protection, and the flower petals invite the Earth’s joyful, nurturing energy.
  • 5.Next, place your Rose Quartz crystals. Since Rose Quartz is water-safe, you can add tumbled stones directly to the bath or around the rim of the tub.
  • 6.Get into the bath. Be mindful of everything around you: feel the warm water release the tension in your body, smell the bath salts and flower petals, and see the comforting pink color of the Rose Quartz.
  • 7.Once you’ve taken in your surroundings and relaxed into the bath, focus on your intention again. Imagine it as a gentle pink light, the same color as the Rose Quartz, and expand it slowly, from a little ball to a big, beautiful aura surrounding you.
  • 8.Stay in the bath as long as you’d like. Soak up all of those good vibrations, and feel your desires extending out into the universe!

Remember, you can customize this full moon crystal bath however you like. Listen to your intuition, and see what the full moon can do for you!

Fairy Stones: Magic and Lore

Did you ever go looking for fairies as a child? If so, you need a Fairy Stone in your life!

Fairy Stones are beautiful natural sculptures, each painstakingly created by the effects of glaciers, wind, and groundwater. If you live in an area where Fairy Stones are common, such as Canada or Scandinavia, you may even find them while hiking.

These smooth calcium carbonate discs have long been considered lucky charms and protective talismans, but, as their name implies, Fairy Stones are also powerful tools for connecting with the fairy realm.

Fairy Legends

We all grow up hearing fairy tales, and legends of small, magical beings have deep roots in cultures around the world. The earliest known references to fairies date back to the dryads and nymphs of Ancient Greece, but Celtic and British fairy mythologies have become the most predominant in modern culture. You are probably already familiar with the most famous Irish fairy, the leprechaun.

In the British Isles, fairies have historically been extremely powerful magical beings. Just like humans, they have a variety of personalities: some are kind, and some are malicious. Fairies are known to be extremely clever and magical—no match for humans—so it is considered best to avoid drawing their attention, just in case you attract a trickster. During the Middle Ages, Brits and Celts often referred to fairies as the “Little People” or the “Hidden People.” Some local Christian traditions hold that fairies are fallen angels, beings who aren’t good enough for Heaven or evil enough to be doomed to Hell, so they have made the earthly plane their home.

The most helpful fairies are the Brownies, friendly beings who watch over humans and help with housework. Brownies contrast with the dangerous Unseelie Court, a group of evil fairies who are known to lure humans and kidnap human children, replacing them in the human realm with other fairies, known as “changelings.” Some traditions also believe that merfolk, gnomes, banshees, and the Jack-o-Lantern are also fairies.

No matter the fairy’s background, they are always intimately connected with the Earth’s energy. Many cultures consider fairies to be nature spirits, often tied to a particular place or object, and their magic sometimes stems from this connection to the planet. Some legends surrounding Fairy Stones claim that they are each associated with a particular fairy who watches over you.

Fairy Stones also draw on a popular Celtic belief that magic cannot work on moving water. Since Fairy Stones are formed by the effects of water flowing over minerals, they gain this property, and they use it to protect you from psychic attacks.

How To Use Fairy Stones to Connect with the Fairy Realm

According to legend, you don’t find a Fairy Stone; a Fairy Stone finds you. My own Fairy Stones were a gift! You can go hunting for your own Fairy Stone in riverbeds or on beaches, give them to a friend in need, or simply answer their call if you feel drawn to them in a crystal shop.

Think of a Fairy Stone as a little helper. Similar to the Brownies, the Fairy Stone watches over you, providing some extra protection and luck. Keeping a Fairy Stone or two nearby can help promote prosperity, as all of those little bits of help build up over time. Fairy Stones carry a nurturing energy, and holding one can feel like coming home from a long trip. Fairy Stones create a profound feeling of peace and safety, based on a balance of spirituality and practicality.

If you want to gain closer access to the fairy realm, Fairy Stones are the perfect ally. Simply wear a Fairy Stone pendant or throw one in your pocket and go out into nature. Fairy Stones raise your perception and open your Third Eye, allowing you to notice things that you normally wouldn’t see. Legend holds that covering your Fairy Stone in morning dew can make nature spirits even easier to spot.

Because Fairy Stones are so connected to the magic of the fairy realm, they are also powerful tools for spellwork. Use a Fairy Stone in rituals for protection, warding off spirits, fertility, and revealing truth.

Fairy Stones connect you to nature in a subtle but powerful way, and they infuse a little bit of magic into any crystal collection!

Cleansing Crystals with the Warmth of the Sun

During the summertime, the Sun is at the height of its power, reaching its apex with the Summer Solstice on June 21st. The days are longer, and we get more hours to enjoy the Sun’s warm, encouraging rays. So, it’s the perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals in the sunlight!

Cleansing is an extremely important part of crystal care. Just like people, crystals radiate energy, and they can get tired or blocked. There are so many different methods for cleansing crystals, from a circle of salt to soundwaves and Reiki.

However, light is one of the most popular techniques, and it is also one of the easiest and most effective. You can use moonlight, but in the summertime, sunlight is the way to go. Take advantage of the seasonal energy to supercharge your crystal practice!

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals in the Sunlight?

Charging your crystals in sunlight is simple! Pick a window in your home that gets a lot of sunlight, and leave your crystals nearby. You can place them directly on the window ledge or on a dish; just make sure that they won’t be disturbed.

Then, leave the crystals to soak up the sun’s rays! If your crystals have only been lightly used, an hour or two is fine, but for crystals that are part of your daily routine or have absorbed a lot of negative energy, leave them in the light for twenty-four hours.

Once they are finished their sun bath, your crystals will be cleansed of any pent-up energy, fully charged, and ready to get to work!

Which Crystals Should I Cleanse in the Sunlight?

When deciding which crystals to charge in the sunlight, there are a few things to consider.

First, you may want to think about whether your crystal’s properties resonate well with the Sun. The Sun carries a strong life-giving power, and it is associated with vitality, strength, ambition, positivity, and individuality. Therefore, manifestation crystals like Citrine and Pyrite and energizing stones like Jasper and Orange Calcite respond very well to sunlight.

The Sun also resonates strongly with the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras, the divine masculine, and the element of fire. You might want to try charging grounding crystals like Bronzite, stones of confidence like Carnelian and Garnet, or fire crystals like Ruby in sunlight.

The Sun is extremely powerful, and it can cause some damage to certain crystals, such as color fading or cracks. While these changes are just cosmetic and don’t affect the crystal’s metaphysical or spiritual properties, some stones are better charged in moonlight or a quick, five-minute sun bath.

Crystals negatively affected by sunlight include Amethyst, Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Auralite 23, Aventurine, Celestite, Fluorite, Kunzite, Opal, Topaz, Turquoise, and Unakite.

Cleansing crystals in the sunlight is an effective way to really benefit from the sun’s rays. With this technique, you can keep summer’s warmth with you all year long!

Summer Stones: Embrace and Benefit

Summer is the season of the Earth’s full bounty: green grass, blooming flowers, and blue skies! It fulfills all of spring’s promises.

Since ancient times, summer has symbolized celebration, abundance, creativity, and a chance to commit to the future (that’s why so many weddings take place in the summertime). Summer is an expansive time, a call to dream big and become your best self.

But how can you achieve these lofty goals? You don’t want to spend vacation season stressing!

Don’t worry! Crystals are here to supercharge your summer. Simply incorporate these amazing stones into your life to embrace this season’s lessons and benefit all year long!

Lesson One: Creativity

The bright summer sun creates life, and you can tap into this amazing fire energy this season! Carnelian resonates strongly with the Sun, and it is a great tool for unlocking your creativity. If you have been struggling to find inspiration, Carnelian will reveal it in record time and give you the energy to act on it!

Bumble Bee Jasper channels another important part of nature: the bee who fertilizes flowers and helps the entire ecosystem thrive. This crystal encourages you to push past criticism (from yourself and others) and create without fear!

Lesson Two: Commitment

Once you get inspired, it’s time to commit to your goal. Whether you are cultivating a more positive mindset, taking a big step in your career, or even getting married, there are crystals to support your journey.

Garnet vibrates with infinite positivity, and it is also a stone of loyalty and love. Garnet will keep you committed to your objectives, and it provides extra energy, passion, and support. It is an especially wonderful choice for newly married couples or goals that involve multiple people, as it strengthens interpersonal bonds.

Petrified Wood keeps you grounded in the Earth’s wisdom so that you don’t lose your focus during all of the summer fun! This transformative crystal will help you create your future by connecting you to both your inner strength and the planet’s power.

As you continue your journey, Tiger’s Eye will make sure that you always have the motivation you need. It is a great source of self-discipline, and it also provides protection, courage, and balance.

Lesson Three: Abundance

You are laying the groundwork for prosperity in your life, and you have to be ready to welcome that abundance. Citrine is the ultimate abundance stone, inviting wealth in all its forms, from financial security to enriching friendships and self-fulfillment. When you work with Citrine, you shine as brightly as the Sun and effortlessly attract what you want.

To approach abundance from a more practical perspective, reach for Pyrite. This crystal works with the Earth’s grounding vibrations to manifest your needs while also providing protection and confidence.

Lesson Four: Celebration

At its core, summer is about celebrating! You have worked hard, and you have so much to be grateful for, so set aside time for joy. Orange Calcite’s irresistible positivity creates the party atmosphere. It dissipates stress, replacing it with fun! With Orange Calcite, you can be open to all the happiness that summer has to offer.

If you’re struggling to beat the heat, Aquamarine can help you cool off and enjoy your summer. Aquamarine is as refreshing as a dip in the pool, with all of water’s calming properties. This crystal’s soothing, empowering energy helps you discover joy wherever you are.

With crystals, you can truly take advantage of all of summer’s energy and make it a truly magical season! Do you have any favorite summer crystals? Let us know!