My Dream Crystals - November 2021 Edition

My Dream Crystals - November 2021 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 31st Oct 2021

The Holiday Crystal Gift Guide

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s already time to stock up on gifts for all of your loved ones. Why not share some good vibes? From friends to family and even a little treat for yourself, My Dream Crystals has gifts for everyone, at every price point.

Crystal Gifts Under $25

On a budget? Don’t worry! You can still get some amazing crystals. The $25 and under price point has a lot of wonderful options!

Do you have a friend celebrating a birthday this holiday season? Give them a tumbled stone that resonates with their zodiac sign. For Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st), give them a Lapis Lazuli coin for $2.75 to help them express themselves and listen to their intuition. Capricorns (December 22nd-January 19th) will love the focus and clarity of a $3.50 Fluorite pebble.

Our $7 crystal bracelets are an easy and affordable gift that you can personalize for everyone on your gift list. You could even get matching bracelets for siblings or friend groups. We offer bracelets in over 15 different varieties, from calming stones like Amethyst, Aventurine, and Rose Quartz to motivational crystals like Pyrite, Red Goldstone, and Tiger’s Eye and mystical stones like Labradorite and Sodalite.

If you are looking for something your loved ones can keep close to their heart, try our Triple Stone Pendant for $16. This necklace brings together three crystals in a variety of different combinations. Try Quartz, Amethyst, and Kyanite to cleanse and unlock the ethereal body or Triple Citrine to promote positivity, productivity, and prosperity.

For a friend who struggles with anxiety or stress, an $18 Sodalite worry stone is one of the most thoughtful gifts out there. Whenever they feel overwhelmed, all they have to do is rub the crystal, and Sodalite’s calming energy will re-center them.

Do you have a friend or family member who loves meditation? Our 7 Heart Chakra Set for $22 will supercharge their practice. They can work with these crystals separately to address specific blockages or all together to align the full Chakra system. The beautiful heart shape is a constant reminder of both your love and the universe’s unconditional love.

Crystal Gifts Under $45

A mid-tier budget opens up a whole new array of stunning and functional crystals! Whether you are looking for a conversation-starting piece of décor or to boost a space, you will find plenty of gifts for everyone on your list.

For the academic in your life, from students to professors to armchair scholars, this $29 Hematite skull is the perfect choice. The skull form resonates strongly with the mind, amplifying Hematite’s innate focusing and clarifying abilities. It is the perfect addition to any desk!

If you’ve read our article, The Crystal That Could Cure Your Hangover and know someone who needs a little light in their life, try the Selenite Tower Lamp for $38. Selenite’s spiritual, soothing vibrations make a great addition to bedrooms, living rooms, and meditation altars. Because Selenite resonates strongly with the divine feminine, this lamp is also the perfect gift for mom!

Our $42 Flower Agate Egg is another great option for moms, especially new or expectant mothers and couples who are trying for children. This delicately patterned Agate resonates strongly with the planet’s nurturing energy, and the egg shape encourages fertility and all forms of creativity.

Your most spiritual and artistic friends will love our $42 Amethyst Cut-Base Cluster. This visually stunning piece of art makes any house feel like a museum, and it also invites all of the peace, protection, and clarity of divine connection.

Your loved ones who work remotely or just use a lot of technology will appreciate our Shungite Angel Wing dish for $44. Shungite is a powerful tool for blocking the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies. Simply leave phones or chargers in this dish to cleanse them, or store the dish near larger electronic devices like laptops or modems.

Crystal Gifts Under $75

For the serious crystal collector—or someone who could just seriously benefit from crystals—the top tier price point unlocks some truly stunning pieces.

For an absolutely unique item, our vintage Turquoise earrings for $49 channel all of this stone’s revitalizing and centering properties. Turquoise is perfect for the holiday season; it is blue like ice but holds a little bit of spring’s lush greens, providing something to look forward to.

If you know someone in need of some serious self-love, our $55 Rose Quartz pyramid will connect them to divine energy. The pyramid’s structure connects your friends and family to unconditional, universal love, providing a solid foundation to learn Rose Quartz’s lessons.

People who engage in witchcraft, divination, or meditation will make great use of our Labradorite free form for $55. This intensely spiritual stone is the perfect addition to meditation altars. Because of its creative energy, it also makes a great gift for artists, writers, and musicians.

Our $55 Black Opal sphere supercharges manifestation. If you have a loved one who owns their own business or is in a highly competitive career, a Black Opal sphere is a worthwhile investment in their future. The sphere’s shape emits vibrations 360 degrees to raise the vibrations of an office or workspace.

Garnet polished points for $75 radiate passion. They make stunning housewarming gifts or wedding gifts, bringing loving, positive energy into a home. This highly creative crystal also resonates strongly with artists, musicians, and writers. Wherever it is placed, a Garnet point sparks inspiration!

These ideas are just the beginning! Explore our Etsy shop for more amazing products, and check back frequently, because we’re always updating our stock! You can also reach out to My Dream Crystals’ friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you can’t find the right gift—or don’t even know where to start—we are happy to provide a personalized solution.

Let's All Get Along

Is there anything more heartwarming than bringing your extended family together around the table to enjoy a holiday meal?

Maybe seeing them go!

There’s nothing like seeing your relatives: from the heartfelt reunions to the hilarious anecdotes… to the passive aggressive comments and straight up aggressive arguments. But this year, you have a secret weapon to keep everyone in harmony. To ensure that your Thanksgiving meal makes memories instead of sowing discord, add some of these crystals to your dining room centerpiece.


This calming blue crystal immediately sets everyone at ease. Amazonite promotes open, clear, and loving communication. It unlocks your Throat Chakra, encouraging you to speak your truth. Amazonite uplifts your family’s conversations, helping everyone communicate from a place of honesty and kindness.

Brown Tourmaline

Brown Tourmaline resonates strongly with the Earth, and its balancing energy stabilizes the family unit. This crystal grounds your relationships in positivity and honesty, thereby cleansing them of toxicity. If family gatherings make you feel shy and small, Brown Tourmaline will draw out your most authentic, confident self.


Citrine is a source of infinite joy and prosperity, and it is especially helpful for infusing family gatherings with positivity. This crystal reminds your family why you love each other and encourages unity.


Fuchsite promotes strong relationships built on profound empathy. This crystal helps you fully understand the other side of any situation without downplaying your own opinions or emotions. Fuchsite also strengthens your Heart Chakra, supercharging your sense of self-worth. It is an excellent tool for breaking cycles of codependency and martyrdom.

Pink Calcite

Also known as Mangano Calcite, this introspective crystal encourages deep emotional healing. Pink Calcite teaches you the importance of forgiveness, helping you move past any family trauma. This crystal helps you love your relatives for their best qualities without sacrificing whatever boundaries you may need to set for your own mental health.


Ruby connects your Root and Heart Chakras, bringing together your emotions, the Earth’s nurturing energy, and your ancestral lineage. It keeps family gatherings balanced but loving. Ruby encourages commitment, bringing your family closer together through your dedication to each other.

Tiger Iron

This powerful combination of Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, and Jasper is the perfect ally against stress. Tiger Iron will relax the entire room. As a blended crystal itself, Tiger Iron understands how to bring your family together in harmony.


Unakite helps your family understand each other on a deep emotional level. With this crystal, you do not need to be afraid to express your authentic feelings. Unakite promotes healthy relationships based on empathy and gratitude, reminding you all the ways that your family has been and will continue to be there for each other.

Don’t ruin your holidays with family stress! These crystals will bring out the best in all of your relatives. With their help, you can make wonderful memories that your family will talk about for many more holidays to come.

Keeping Yourself Grounded During the Holidays

When the jack-o-lantern is starting to scary for all the wrong reasons and the bulk of the Halloween candy has been consumed, suddenly “Jingle Bells” starts to follow you everywhere. It’s on TV and in the grocery store, stalking you before you’ve ever gotten a chance to buy your Thanksgiving turkey.

Whether the encroaching holiday season fills you with cheer or dread, no one escapes November or December without at least a little bit of festive stress. From trying to score that perfect gift to mediating arguments over the dinner table, we could all use a little bit of help around the holidays.

We’ve curated a list of some of our favorite stones for our least favorite holiday problems to keep you grounded and balanced all season long!

Crystals for Family Conflict

One of the best things about the holidays is getting to reconnect with your family. But what about the in-laws you’ve just never gotten along with, or the uncle who seems determined to play devil’s advocate in every discussion?

Fluorite encourages you to think before speaking. It promotes harmony within familial groups by reducing fear and confusion. This crystal brings everything into stunning clarity, especially your family’s love for each other. Adding a Fluorite free form, pyramid, or sphere to communal spaces, such as the living room or the dining room centerpiece, will help keep things peaceful.

If conflict does arise, Scolecite calls on everyone to be their best, most mature selves and come to an accord. This high-vibration crystal deepens familial bonds through profound empathy. It is the perfect crystal to bring you closer to all of your family members, including those that you won’t have the opportunity to see this year.

Crystals for Generosity

Many holiday traditions have their roots in charity and sympathy. For our ancient ancestors, this time of year was all about making sure that the entire community survived the winter. (For more information about the ancient pagan origins of our holiday traditions, check out our article, Winter Solstice –The Yule Blog). When you feel lost in holiday stress, there are very few things more grounding and gratifying than volunteering.

The ultimate stone of service, Dolomite draws out your most generous self. Keep this stone nearby all holiday season, and it will reveal opportunities for kindness. Dolomite helps you make most charitable decisions in your daily life, from letting someone cut in line to tipping your server a little extra, and also supports charity work.

Rose Quartz pairs perfectly with Dolomite. This crystal is a direct conduit for divine love, and it allows you to radiate compassion everywhere you go. Rose Quartz imbues loving energy into any situation, helping you embody universal love.

Crystals for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Christmas lights, Hanukkah menorahs, Kwanza kinaras, and candles galore fight back against winter’s encroaching darkness. However, for one reason or another, sometimes they simply are not enough. Many people experience some form of seasonal depression, formally diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder, and many more have negative associations with the holiday season due to past trauma or toxic family dynamics.

If you the holidays are hard for you, reach for Snowflake Obsidian. This crystal features specks of white against a black background. Not only does its imagery mimic holiday snow, but Snowflake Obsidian also provides a light in the dark. This crystal encourages profound introspection and releases toxic energy for gentle emotional restoration. Try pairing Snowflake Obsidian with Morganite if you struggle with negative self-talk; these crystals will remind you to be gentle with yourself as you cope and heal.

Sunstone allows you to keep the Sun’s energy in your pocket all year round. When the nights are at their longest, Sunstone provides an infusion of positivity. It will brighten up your life, while also adding extra energy and drive to help you achieve your goals.

Crystals for Stress

Even if you are super prepared for the holidays, stress finds a way. You can finalize your Thanksgiving menu in June and buy all your Christmas gifts by July, but you will need a Hail Mary at least once before January.

Amethyst is one of the most profoundly soothing stones available. It eases stress by calling on your innate creativity. Amethyst works through your Third Eye and Crown Chakras to connect you to divine wisdom, informing all of your decisions from a place of spirituality and rationality.

Aquamarine embodies all of water’s calming energy. It encourages you to slow down and release the anxieties and fears that are holding you back. Once you reach this meditative state, Aquamarine welcomes joy into your life. This crystal places you on your own private island—at least mentally.

Crystals for Grounding and Protection

No matter what joys or challenges you will face this holiday season, grounding on a regular basis will ensure smooth sailing. Work with these crystals in a meditation practice, wear them in jewelry, or even use them as decoration to ground an entire space.

Black Tourmaline is one of the best protection crystals out there. It acts like a psychic power wash, deflecting any thoughtless, rude, or downright toxic energy that you encounter. It will also keep you focused on your to-dos, even amidst all the festive chaos.

Shungite is a powerful cleanser; it is actually used as a natural water purifier in many areas. If you feel strung out by too much online shopping or overwhelmed by the family group text, Shungite will help keep you balanced and centered while counteracting electromagnetic frequencies.

The holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, and while it carries a veritable minefield of stressors, you don’t need to worry. With these crystals, you can make the most of the most wonderful time of the year.

The Crystal That Could Cure Your Hangover: Selenite

When you feel your absolute worst—when you cannot focus on anything, when your head is pounding, and when you have to struggle just to function—reach for Selenite. No crystal cuts through brain fog faster. Whether you are hungover physically or mentally, don’t take some hair of the dog. Instead, let Selenite revive and realign you.

Selenite’s name comes from the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene, and it shines a light on everything in your life. This crystal is the ultimate source of clarity. Selenite has one of the highest frequencies of any object, and it will raise your vibrations to unlock new heights.

Selenite works directly with your Crown Chakra, channeling divine wisdom to help you see the truth of any situation. Selenite’s balancing energy flows through down your spine to bring your Chakra system into perfect alignment.

With this enhanced awareness, you can push through whatever is holding you back. Selenite is the perfect tool to combat burnout and confusion. If you get lost in the details, this crystal will encourage you to step back, see the bigger picture, and create a plan to move forward.

Selenite boosts your intuition in both your earthly and spiritual lives. It reveals your highest self and promotes transformation and ascension. Selenite won’t just uplift you now; it will set you up for success your whole life long.

Next time you feel exhausted, confused, or just out of sorts, grab some Selenite. This crystal’s high vibrations are powerful enough to pull you out of any funk. Light up your life with one of our Selenite rods, tumbled stones, or tower lamps