My Dream Crystals - October 2022 Edition

My Dream Crystals - October 2022 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 21st Sep 2022

Trick or Treat Yourself to Crystals

Trick or treat isn’t just for kids! If you are looking for a little way to treat yourself this Halloween, crystals are the way to go.

My Dream Crystals has wonderful options for every budget and every taste. Here are a few of our favorite in-stock treats:

CrystalBracelet: $7.00-$18.00

If you need a little crystal boost, our bracelets are the perfect choice. They are affordable, portable, and fashionable! Whatever goal or intention you are working on, there is a bracelet for you. We have classics like Amethyst and Rose Quartz, more unique bracelets like Goldstone and Unakite, and powerful combinations like Onyx, Howlite, and Snowflake Obsidian—and you can even create your own!

SodalitePyramid: $9.75

Our small Sodalite pyramids help you connect with your highest self. Use these beautiful pyramids in meditation to increase your intuition or as calming décor for any space.

Half Rough, Half Polished Lepidolite: $11.00-13.50

These stunning Lepidolite pieces have been cut flat, featuring a polished side and a natural, raw side. Lepidolite’s rich purple color is entrancing, and it connects your Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras for divinely informed actions and psychic power. If you feel like your crystal collection already has everything, these special stones will be truly unique additions!

Halloween Crystals: $12.00-$25.00

Buy these crystals for Halloween and get a little magical energy all year long! Our special Halloween crystals feature intricately carved shapes, including Satin Spar Selenite Moons and Onyx Moons, brooms, pumpkins, bats, and cats. Selenite taps into the spiritual side of Halloween celebrations, and Onyx protects you from anything that might go bump in the night.

SubscriptionBox: $25.00-$65.00

We’re proud to announce the My Dream Crystals subscription box! Every month, you can receive an intuitively selected gift. Our subscription box has two price points—$25 and $65—to offer you flexibility. The boxes will be filled with goodies like crystals of all forms (including rough tones, tumbled stones, towers, cubes, jewelry, and spheres) as well as metaphysical products to enhance your practice, like sage, journals, and clearing sprays.

CrystalMystery Box: $25.00-$200.00

If you love the mystery and surprise of the Halloween season, treat yourself to a crystal mystery box! This customizable box is also the perfect way to get a taste of our subscription box without the commitment. We offer boxes for every price point, and, like the subscription box, it will be filled with crystals in various shapes and metaphysical products. If you have a specific intention that you are looking to explore, or if there are specific stones you would like to see (or not see), let us know!

Moss Agate Crystal Stone Sphere: $34.00

Moss Agate resonates strongly with nature, and when you combine it with the sphere—the shape of the planet—its healing vibrations emanate in every direction. These Moss Agate spheres are the perfect tool to welcome abundance, start a new beginning, get creative inspiration, or balance your emotions.

Pyrite Cubes in Matrix: $38.00

These stunning Pyrite Cubes combine Pyrite’s energizing, attractive properties with the best of the Earth’s energy through their matrices: grounding, protection, and positivity. These Pyrite cubes have come all the way from Logrono, Spain to supercharge your Solar Plexus Chakra!

Natural Congo Citrine Point: $53.00

Real Congo Citrine is very difficult to come by—in fact, most Citrine on the market is heat-treated Amethyst that holds the same metaphysical properties—so these raw, natural points are a stunning find! Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome abundance, joy, and prosperity into your life!

Charoite Points: $89

If our article, “Charoite and the Season of the Soul,” has you longing for a Charoite stone of your own, you can’t do better than these stunning Charoite points! Use them to explore the emotional depth of fall and direct your energy.

PrivateCrystal Shopping Session: $75-225

For the ultimate crystal experience, try a personalized, private crystal shopping session with a master crystal healer. Before your session, we will have a chat to determine your needs and wants, and then we will intuitively help you select the perfect stones for you. We offer three price points: 30 minutes for $75, 1 hour for $150, and 2 hours for $225, which reserves your time and guarantees a crystal credit for that retail value.

It's not a trick! Treat yourself to any of these amazing crystals and experiences, and you will see the benefits for years to come!

Activate Your Third Eye: Crystals For Creativity and Psychic Power

Do you have a creative project that you’ve been wanting to start, but you just can’t find the inspiration? Whether you are a a professional writer, musician, visual artist, or actor, or just someone who appreciates the arts, we all need to unleash our creative side.

If you’ve been struggling to tap into the inspirational energy that is flowing all around you, crystals can help!

Our Favorite Creativity Crystal: Iolite

There are so many amazing crystals that stimulate creativity—like Bloodstone, Cinnabar, Carnelian, and Ruby—but if you are struggling to access inspiration, you are going to want to reach for Iolite.

The key to creativity lies in activating and accessing your Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye is your connection to the psychic realm, the ethereal source of inspiration. When you are graced by your creative muse, you’re seeing with your Third Eye.

Iolite connects your Throat and Third Eye Chakras. This link allows you to not only receive inspiration but also to express it. We’ve all had that amazing idea for a story or song but found ourselves frozen when it came time to actually write something. Iolite empowers you to keep going!

Iolite’s dreamy blues and purples stimulates your creative processes, but it also gives you the motivation to act on those ideas. It is a take-charge stone that draws on your innate abilities to be your best, most innovative self. Iolite helps you achieve your goals; there’s a reason that the Vikings used thin pieces of Iolite’s to guide them to their destination.

Explore Our Spotlight Collection

We have curated a special crystal assortment, to take advantage of Iolite’s creative properties in combination with other powerful stones that help you reach your full potential.

The Spotlight Collection is a must-have for any creative or performer. It’s a great resource for professional actors, musicians, dancers, and visual artists, but it is also perfect for anyone whose job involves public presentations (like teachers or marketers) or finding innovative solutions (like managers or executives)—or anyone who has a creative hobby!

Our Spotlight Collection harnesses Iolite’s connection to the Third Eye Chakra and pairs it with crystals that resonate with every Chakra for a holistic, completely balanced approach to creativity.

In addition to Iolite, the Spotlight Collection includes:

  • Black Tourmaline (Root Chakra) to ground you and overcome self-imposed limits.
  • Carnelian (Sacral Chakra) to increase your motivation and creative drive.
  • Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra) to boost confidence and encourage you to stand in your own power.
  • Pink Opal (Heart Chakra) to connect you to your heart’s most genuine and calming energies.
  • Kyanite (Throat Chakra) to express yourself clearly and network without feeling awkward or inauthentic.
  • Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra) to amplify your natural energy

No matter how you incorporate creativity into your life, Iolite and the other crystals in our Spotlight Collection will help you unlock your Third Eye Chakra and shine as your best self!

Charoite and the Season of the Soul

As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” Fall is an introspective time. As the temperatures get colder, the nights get longer, and the world prepares to enter its season of rest, we tend to look inward. This season reveals our deepest needs and reconnects us with what truly lies in our hearts.

There is no crystal that embodies this spirit of fall better than Charoite. Charoite’s rich purple color would fit in on any autumn moodboard, but its connection to this time of year is more than superficial. A crystal deeply embedded in Slavic folklore, Charoite’s name comes from the Russian word “chary,” which means “charms” or “magic,” and there truly is something magical about this stone.

Charoite encourages self-reflection and tending to your deepest needs. It connects your Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, inviting divine wisdom to inform your emotional journey. Armed with these eternal truths, Charoite helps ease feelings like anxiety, depression, and anger. It cuts through this emotional storm to promote truth; it clarifies the mind and is an effective analysis tool. Charoite shows you that you have the power to overcome any adversity.

Charoite’s spiritual inspiration gently orients your heart to compassion. It is a well of universal love, showing you how to take care of both yourself and others. Turn to Charoite for comfort, courage, and connection. It also regulates the flow of energy within your body, preventing burnout. With Charoite’s help, you are free to be your most authentic self.

This fall, take some time to connect with Charoite’s profound spiritual power. When you take care of yourself, you can make the most of everything autumn has to offer.

What’s the Point?: All About Pyramids

Pyramids have captured the human imagination for millennia. They’re common in art and architecture, and if you’ve ever spent some time in a crystal shop, you’ve encountered crystal pyramids.

Why is this shape so fascinating? What is the secret to its long history and attractive power? Let’s figure out the point of pyramids.

Pyramids in Sacred Geometry and Metaphysics

To begin our exploration, let’s define a pyramid. The most common vision of a pyramid is a stable square base with triangles rising from either side, meeting at a point. We will focus on this square pyramid, although you may encounter different types of pyramids, such as the tetrahedron, a Platonic solid pyramid with a triangle base.

Even within this simple definition, you can see that there are many geometric concepts at play in the pyramid, including the square, triangle, and Golden Ratio. Spiritual leaders have seen this powerful combination of geometric principles and associated them within another important group: the four elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, each represented by the pyramid’s four triangular faces.

In sacred geometry, the pyramid is the physical embodiment of the connection between Heaven (the point) and Earth (the base). This concept is underlined by the pyramid’s numerological significance. Pyramid’s main numbers are 3 (symbolizing divinity and creativity) and 4 (symbolizing the balance, stability, and Earth energy).

Pyramids have played a role in religions all over the world. They have been considered gateways to the spiritual realm, and they are also associated with preservation. Just think of the mummies in Egyptian pyramids!

Pyramids function as a meeting place for the ethereal and earthly realms. They represent a doorway to the divine. Pyramids connect the practical with the spiritual, drawing divine energy down to Earth but also providing a way to send your own energy up. They are the perfect tools for meditation, manifestation, and ascension.

Pyramids and Crystals

What is the best crystal to sculpt into a pyramid? The simple answer is any crystal! However, when you’re buying your own pyramid, you should consider your intentions, goals, and needs.

For example, if you need some profound Heart Chakra healing, an Unakite pyramid is the right choice for you.

Looking to supercharge your meditation practice? A Scolecite pyramid will help you channel divine love and calm.

A Shungite pyramid is the perfect tool to ground and protect a space, and it protects against harmful electromagnetic frequencies!

To take advantage of pyramids’ innate attractive powers, a Malachite pyramid’s potent combination of spiritual energy and abundance properties will manifest your best life.

One of our favorite ways to use pyramids is through crystal grids. Pyramids make excellent keystones for a grid, like a Rose Quartz pyramid for a self-love grid. Small natural Apophyllite pyramids also make great way stones or perimeter stones, using their high vibrations to unlock limitless possibilities.

You can select a pyramid for a specific purpose, or you can let intuition be your guide.

If you’re unsure which pyramid you need in your life, reach out to the staff at My Dream Crystals! We are always happy to answer any of your crystal questions. 

Falling Leaves: Crystals to Help You Let Go

If you take a look around, you’ll notice that the trees are swapping out their lush green colors for a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and yellows and preparing to enter their winter sleep. It’s an ending, but there’s so much joy in it, and you know that the trees will return again in the spring. The autumn leaves show us that it truly is beautiful to let things go—and that when we do, something new is just around the corner.

Autumn reminds us that nature has cycles and nothing stays forever. It is the perfect time to take stock of your life and see if anything is holding you back. Maybe you know someone who has become less of a friend and more of a psychic vampire, or maybe you have self-imposed limits that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

Letting go of something can be painful and scary, but remember to look at the autumn leaves. Letting go can be beautiful, and it sets you up for a new chapter. Whatever you need to release this fall, crystals are here to help.


Amethyst resonates with your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, allowing you to receive and act on divine wisdom. Armed with this knowledge, Amethyst supports you as you release things that no longer serve you. It is an especially effective crystal if you are trying to kick a bad habit or addiction.

Apache Tear Obsidian

If you are struggling with loss, reach for Apache Tear Obsidian. This crystal is a member of the Obsidian family, which already provides support during difficult times, but Apache Teacher Obsidian focuses specifically on grief. Apache Tear Obsidian helps you make peace with loss and allows you to move forward. It encourages you to go through the full mourning process while reminding you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Aquamarine emits both soothing and empowering vibrations. This crystal helps you let go of negative emotions like anxiety, which can sometimes become a crutch—an excuse not to follow your dreams. Aquamarine gives you the courage and peace of mind to express and claim your deepest desires.

Black Tourmaline

When toxic influences cloud your brain, Black Tourmaline is here to help. This crystal acts like a psychic power washer, cleansing you of any negativity that you have picked up during your day. Black Tourmaline is ideal for empaths and people who aren’t yet able to leave a bad situation, such as a difficult living situation or hostile work environment.

Blue Kyanite

Sometimes, you need to surrender to your emotions. When you try to avoid negativity, letting it fester instead of dealing with it, it quickly spirals out of control. Blue Kyanite forces you to acknowledge negative habits, people, and situations. Then, its powerful cleansing and balancing properties will dissipate the non-constructive energy from your body. Blue Kyanite is an excellent tool for clearing emotional and spiritual blockages. It also encourages communication, helping you work through your feelings and express your needs much more clearly.


Chrysoprase activates your Heart Chakra. It radiates love, trust, and hope, helping you see what you deserve in your relationships. If you find a relationship is lacking, Chrysoprase will help you leave it and heal in the aftermath. This crystal encourages you to release anger and anxiety, focusing on radical self-acceptance instead. Chrysoprase keeps you oriented to the future and ready to accept new opportunities, despite past pain.


The ultimate stone of compassion, Dioptase shows you the path to forgiveness. If you are struggling to release deep-seated trauma, this crystal will help you work through it, release it, and forgive the people involved—including yourself. Remember, forgiveness is not about helping the people who wronged you; it’s about freeing yourself from the pain they caused.


Howlite is often called the “Stone of Awareness,” and it is the perfect tool for getting to the root of an emotional problem. If your feelings have been particularly turbulent and you’re not sure why, Howlite will reveal the reason and help you release it. This stone is especially effective for letting go of past trauma.


Sometimes we hold ourselves back because we are scared of change. Your current dead-end job might be boring, but it feels safer than taking a risk and chasing your dreams. A stone of transformation, Labradorite reveals life’s infinite possibilities. It empowers you to remove self-imposed limits so that you can reach your full potential.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz reveals the truth of any situation. It cuts through the “noise” of the world to gently reveal the things that no longer serve you so that you can let them go. Then, Smoky Quartz draws out and absorbs any remaining negativity. This crystal creates a safe, stable environment where you can focus on healing.

What is serving you this fall, and what do you need to let go of? These crystals will help you embrace this season’s lessons and create an even more beautiful future.