Crystal Mystery Boxes, From $25-200, Crystals and Metaphysical Products

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Crystal Mystery Box $25-250

Crystal Mystery Boxes!  Surprise Yourself or a Loved One

Everyone loves a surprise and that's what we aim to do with our crystal mystery boxes! There's a size for every budget, big or small.

Select the retail value of the box you'd like to receive. We guarantee that your box will contain at least that retail value in crystals and metaphysical products. Metaphysical products may include, sage, palo santo, clearing spray, and/or journals.

We want you to really enjoy your mystery box! Let us know if you have any special requests and we'll try our best to fulfill those requests.

- Need xxxx (like selenite)
- No xxxx (like amethyst)
- Working on xxxx (like grounding, love issue}
- Prefer bigger pieces
- Building my collection, prefer to get more crystals, inexpensive pieces

You box may have these types of stones: tumbled stones, palms stones, hearts, spheres, pyramids, eggs, rough stones, orgonite, stones on pins, towers, cubes, angels, free points, polished points, clusters, jewelry, cabs. This is just an example, there may be other types to crystals not listed above.

Option 1:  $25 box
Option 2:  $50 box
Option 3:  $75 box
Option 4:  $100 box
Option 5:  $150 box
Option 6:  $200 box