My Dream Crystals - September 2022 Edition

My Dream Crystals - September 2022 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 31st Aug 2022

Shungite Harmonizers: How Do They Work?

If you’ve been following My Dream Crystals for a while, then you know that Shungite is one of our favorite crystals. It’s a must-have for grounding, and it is also a natural water purifier!

There are so many uses for this carbon-based crystal, from Shungite water to eye-catching décor, but one of the most effective applications for Shungite is meditating with a pair of Shungite harmonizers.

What Are Shungite Harmonizers?

Shungite harmonizers are a pair of rods or disks that fit comfortably in your hands. One will be Shungite, but the other will be Steatite (Soapstone). These two stones work together to activate and align your entire Chakra system and raise your vibrations.

The Steatite harmonizer is the personification of Yang, the upper part of your energetic body. It resonates with the masculine energy inside you. To access these vibrations, the Steatite harmonizer rests in your right hand.

The Shungite embodies Yin, the lower part of your energetic body. It connects with the divine feminine, accelerating the energy flow throughout your body and reinforcing the effects of the Steatite harmonizer. The Shungite harmonizer should be placed in your left hand.

When these two complementing forces come together, your energy balances out and your body enters a harmonious state. Shungite harmonizers improve mental clarity and dispel negative energy, bringing out your most enlightened self.

How Do You Use Shungite Harmonizers?

Shungite harmonizers are the perfect meditation tool. When used as part of a regular practice, they promote overall peace and balance.

To begin using your Shungite harmonizers, find a quiet place where you will be able to meditate undisturbed. Then, take a comfortable but active position. You can stand or sit, but you want to make sure that you keep your spine elongated and your shoulders down and back.

Pick up the Shungite harmonizer in your left hand, and pick up the Steatite harmonizer in your right. Then, take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Focus on the harmonizers resting in your hands. What do they feel like? Take another deep breath and try to sense their energetic vibrations.

Envision the negative energy in your body and let it flow into the harmonizers. Then, see the harmonizers radiate out positivity. Draw the positive energy into your body, allowing it to expand throughout your entire system, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

When you start using your Shungite harmonizers, you only need to meditate for a few minutes. However, as you feel more confident in your practice, you can try adding more time, expanding to 10 or even 15 minutes. Many people recommend using Shungite harmonizers once a day, or even bookending the day with a practice in the morning and the evening.

Remember, your Shungite harmonizers are crystals, so they should be cleared regularly to achieve the best results.

Shungite harmonizers are one of the most unique and effective methods for supercharging your spirituality and balancing your life. Check out our Shungite harmonizers here!

Crystal Compatibility: Which Ones Go Together?

If you have more than one crystal—and, in our opinion, you can never have too many crystals—you might start wondering whether your crystals might work well together.

But where do you start? There is plenty of information available about the individual properties of different stones (just check out the full descriptions here on the My Dream Crystals site), but guidance on crystal combinations is harder to find.

That’s why we’ve written this article, so you can make the most of your entire crystal collection!

How Do You Combine Crystals?

Theoretically, you can combine any crystals. However, some stones might have opposing energies, or they may not work well with your intentions or even with your own vibrations.

When you start combining crystals, consider the following factors:

  • Intuition: Crystal pairing can be as simple as listening to your intuition. If you have a gut feeling that you should put two of your crystals together, go for it!
  • Intention: If you have a specific goal in mind, you will want to choose your crystals carefully and charge them with your specific intention. For example, if you are struggling with a creative job, you may want to pair an inspirational stone like Iolite with a career crystal like Jade.
  • Element: Crystals that resonate with the same element go well together, and they make it easier for you to connect with that element’s power. For example, if you have been particularly irritable or moody, combine two Water crystals like Aquamarine and Celestite to calm your emotional body.
  • Astrology: Stones that resonate with your zodiac sign also make great pairings. For September’s birthday sign, Virgo, Amazonite and Chrysocolla reinforce each other’s empowering energy, allowing Virgos to be their authentic selves.
  • Color: Make the most of a crystal’s color energy by pairing it with a complementing color. Take a look at the color wheel below, and combine crystals that are across from each other. For example, Lapis Lazuli and Orange Calcite come together to help you creatively explore your spirituality.

  • Crystal Family: Crystals from the same family tend to play well together. Consider combining Quartz stones like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Citrine or pairing members of the Agate, Tourmaline, or Jasper families with each other.
  • Crystal Structure: A crystal’s structure can also guide your combinations, since crystals with the same structure have similar frequencies. For example, hexagonal crystals like Aquamarine and Morganite pair well to imbue you with self-confidence.

When combining crystals, we recommend only working with two or three at once. Crystals carry a very strong energy, and, especially if you are new to crystal combination, all of those stones’ frequencies can get overwhelming very quickly.

Which Are the Best Crystal Combinations?

There are endless powerful crystal combinations that you can personalize to your needs, but here are a few of our favorites:

Clear Quartz + Any Other Crystal

Clear Quartz is a master amplifier, so it is a great choice to maximize any other crystal’s energy. Because Clear Quartz works best when it is given a clear intention, be sure to charge it with your goals before pairing it with another stone.

Citrine + Carnelian

These two crystals both resonate strongly with the element of Fire, and when they are brought together, they provide endless energy, positivity, and creativity.

Hematite + Clear Quartz

Hematite and Clear Quartz are a powerful combination for grounding and clarity. Hematite connects you with the Earth’s stabilizing energy, and Clear Quartz cuts through all of the “noise” of life to reveal your deepest needs. When you bring these two crystals together, you will have the focus to achieve your goals.

Lapis Lazuli + Selenite

If you are looking to supercharge your spiritual growth, this combination is for you! Lapis Lazuli activates your Third Eye Chakra and unlocks your intuition, allowing you to fully understand and act on the divine wisdom that Selenite provides.

Selenite + Black Tourmaline

Selenite and Black Tourmaline are a great example of a crystal combination where drastically different energies come together to create balance. Selenite’s spiritual energy and Black Tourmaline’s earthly vibrations create a powerful protective shield over both your physical body and your etheric self.

Smoky Quartz + Blue Lace Agate

If you are struggling with anxiety or stress, Smoky Quartz and Blue Lace Agate provide a profoundly calming energy. Blue Lace Agate works to gently soothe you while Smoky Quartz helps you release worries and negativity.

Rose Quartz + Amethyst

Two members of the Quartz family, Rose Quartz and Amethyst supercharge your sense of self-love. These crystals connect your Heart and Crown Chakras, so that you can feel confident in yourself emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Ruby Fuchsite

A naturally occurring combination of Fuchsite with Ruby inclusions, these two Heart Chakra stones come together to cleanse, heal, and activate your heart.

Ruby Zoisite

Another crystal combination found in nature, Ruby Zoisite is perfect for artists, musicians, and writers! The Ruby inclusions connect you with your true passions, while Zoisite inspires creativity. Together, they help you create truly meaningful art.

Do you have a favorite crystal combination? Let us know in the comments, or tag us on Instagram @mydreamcrystals!

Let Crystals Assist in Five Minutes A Day

Every day brings new opportunities—but also new challenges. If you let all these little issues pile up instead of addressing them, it can be all too easy to get overwhelmed.

However, with a little mindfulness and help from some crystals, you can overcome anything that the day throws at you in just five minutes!

For a quick fix with your crystals, understanding your Chakra system is key. Your Chakras are the energy centers in your body, and they run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. When your Chakra system is in perfect alignment, you feel energized and able to do anything; however, when your Chakras are out of whack, things just seem harder. Once you know the specific Chakra that is blocked or out of alignment, you can work through any issue.

But which Chakra do you need to address? We have compiled this helpful table with common problems and their related Chakras and crystals:

Problem Related Chakra Best Crystals
Feeling unbalanced or ungrounded Root Chakra Black Tourmaline, Garnet, or Hematite
Having a creative block Sacral Chakra Carnelian or Orange Calcite
Lacking confidence Solar Plexus Chakra Citrine or Tiger’s Eye
Missing someone or feeling jealous Heart Chakra Emerald, Morganite, or Ruby Fuchsite
Struggling to express yourself Throat Chakra Blue Kyanite or Sodalite
Feeling disconnected from your intuition Third Eye Chakra Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli
Needing spiritual guidance Crown Chakra Angelite or Selenite

Once you have identified the Chakra related to your problem, grab the relevant crystal. Find somewhere you can be alone for five minutes, close your eyes, and focus on how the crystal feels in your hand. You may notice a change in temperature or a slight tingling.

Direct your energy to the stone in your hand, and see what thoughts arise. Let the crystal quiet your mind and guide you to an answer. Just like that—problem solved!

Don’t get overwhelmed; let crystals assist in just five minutes a day!

Your Monthly Dose of Peace: Lepidolite

It’s still warm and sunny, but you can already get pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, and fall is just around the corner. Even though the Earth is starting to enter the rest period of its yearly cycle, our lives don’t always follow the planet’s rhythm. It feels like there’s always something else to do, something new to worry about—but you deserve to claim a little slice of peace for yourself, every day.

If you need some more calm and harmony in your life, we have a crystal and mantra combination to help you find peace.

Let’s focus in on Lepidolite and why it embodies the mantra: “I am safe, and my light shines.”

Lepidolite is a remarkable crystal. Its unique pink-purple hue supercharges your intuition, drawing out everything that makes you unique and beautiful. However, Lepidolite also carries a strong, stabilizing Earth energy. This connection between your inner light and the planet’s vibrations promotes profound peace, informed by divine wisdom and a focus on the highest universal good. Lepidolite is a very mindful crystal, encouraging you to slow down and remember your mantra: “I am safe, and my light shines.”

Lepidolite doesn’t just relieve stress; it helps you transform into your best, brightest self. When these two factors come together, nothing can rattle or trouble you. You are confident and comfortable in who you are, and you know that you are divinely protected. Is there a more serene mindset?

Repeat the mantra to yourself now: “I am safe, and my light shines.” If you have a Lepidolite crystal on hand, look at it and repeat the mantra again.

You can incorporate Lepidolite and your mantra into your life in different ways. If you have a meditation practice, hold your Lepidolite and repeat, “I am safe, and my light shines.” When you’re on the go, you can wear a Lepidolite pendant to keep the mantra close to your heart. You can even leave your Lepidolite somewhere where you need to reconnect with your inner peace, like your bedside table or your desk, as a reminder.

The Quick Cure for Back-to-School Stress

Back-to-school season is here! It’s time for new clothes, new school supplies, new classes, new friends—and new stressors. Going back to school is an exciting time, but it is definitely a change from the lazy summer days. Whether you’re a parent sending their preschooler off to school for the first time, a college freshman ready to explore everything your university has to offer, or an experienced teacher starting their 25th year in the classroom, you’re going to need something to keep you balanced.

Enter Hematite! Commonly known as the “stone of the mind,” Hematite is My Dream Crystal’s number one back to school crystal. Hematite energizes your mind and brings it into alignment with your body and spirit for a holistic approach to learning. It is the perfect tool for sharpening problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and memory skills. Hematite also improves concentration, both in the classroom and while doing homework.

However, Hematite’s benefits aren’t all intellectual. Hematite balances your etheric body, bringing your Yin and Yang energies into perfect alignment. A new school year brings a lot of changes, but Hematite’s stabilizing frequencies help you persevere. If you feel off-kilter or overwhelmed, Hematite’s strong Earth energy will ground you.

Hematite is the perfect ally if you are worried about going back to school. It dissolves negativity and reconnects you with your inner power, allowing you to move forward with positivity and courage. If there is a person you’re worried about seeing again or a class that seems particularly daunting, Hematite will help you overcome these obstacles and discover new opportunities.

You can easily incorporate Hematite into your back-to-school routine. Attach a Hematite pendant to your backpack (or your child’s), or simply wear Hematite jewelry when you need a little extra support. Teachers can leave a Hematite stone on their desk to keep both themselves and their students grounded and focused.

Let Hematite be your guide during the back-to-school season and all year round! Hematite supercharges your studies, and as you grow and learn over the coming year, this crystal will gently help you become your best self.