Shungite Harmonizers, Shungite & Steatite Harmonizers, Polished Disks

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Shungite & Steatite Harmonizers

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Shungite Harmonizers, Shungite & Steatite Harmonizers, Polished Pocket Disks

Use your Shungite harmonizers to help you deal with daily stress and tension that can zap your energy and cause you to feel ungrounded and out of balance.  You will receive 1 set of harmonizers from our inventory. The picture is a representation of what the harmonizers look like. Approximate size is 30mm, 1.6" across.

How to Use the Harmonizers

The Shungite disk goes in your left hand the Steatite disk goes in your right hand.  Once you are in a comfortable position, sitting standing or laying down, hold on to the disks for 5 to 10 mins based on how you are feeling.  You can do this exercise anywhere from a quite nature setting, in your workspace or even on the subway!  Some folks experience a tingling sensation and others feel nothing.  Just know that the combination of the Shungite and Steatite are working to bring you back into balance.