What is the Beaver Moon?

What is the Beaver Moon?

Posted by Heather McConnell on 16th Nov 2021

Beaver Moon

Also known the Frost Moon or the Mourning Moon, the Beaver Moon is a full moon that will occur on November 19th at 3:57am EST this year.

Similar to crystals, all full moons carry strong vibrations, but each one has a unique frequency. With our guide to the Beaver Moon, you can learn about this particular full moon’s history and spiritual significance while also identifying which crystals resonate most strongly with the Beaver Moon’s intentions.

What is the Beaver Moon?

The Beaver Moon earned its name from the industrious animal. Beavers, along with many other forest creatures, spend most of November building their winter homes and bulking up their food storage to make it through the winter chill.

Historically, November was also one of the most active months for the trade in beaver pelts that dominated New England and Canadian commerce in the eighteenth century. As beavers prepare for winter, their pelts get thicker to withstand the cold weather. Therefore, November beaver pelts were particularly warm, luxurious, and lucrative.

Many Southeast Asian cultures have come to associate the Beaver Moon with Buddhist festivals. The Boun That Luang Festival in Laos coincides with the Beaver Moon, commemorating the country’s oldest Buddhist temple, Pha That Luang. Sri Lanka also celebrates the Beaver Moon with the Il Full Moon Poya, honoring the ordination of the first Buddhist missionaries.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Beaver Moon?

As we saw with the Hunter’s Moon in October, fall is a season of preparation and reflection. The year’s natural cycle is winding down, easing into the metaphorical “death” of winter before spring’s rebirth.

The Beaver Moon emits extremely introspective vibrations. All of the energy that you focused outward in October, connecting with the spiritual world beyond the veil, turns inward.

The Beaver Moon invites you to slow down and really reflect on your feelings. Sometimes, our gut instinct is to repress negative thoughts and emotions, but by refusing to deal with them, we are just letting them fester. Use this time to take stock of your emotions and acknowledge and release any pent-up trauma or toxicity. Think of the Beaver Moon’s alternate name, the Mourning Moon, and have a good, cathartic cry.

Just as the beaver prepares for winter, you may also be using this time to lay the groundwork for projects. With the holiday season just around the corner, the Beaver Moon is the last full moon before the climate moves from refreshing crispness to bitter cold. It encourages us to enjoy the last days of temperate weather.

You can also be inspired by the industrious beaver and look to the Beaver Moon for a little bit of extra motivation to reach your own goals. The nesting beaver can also encourage us to prepare our homes for holiday guests and make our space as cozy and inviting as possible. Use this moon’s nurturing energy to open your home to guests and check every name off your gift list.

As we near the end of the year, the Beaver Moon also symbolizes completion. In the pagan Wheel of the Year, November is the New Year that arrives after Samhain closes the previous cycle. Enjoy this feeling of wholeness, and take some time to savor all of the past year’s accomplishments. It’s no coincidence that the Beaver Moon comes shortly before Thanksgiving, drawing out your most grateful self.

What Crystals Should I Use for the Beaver Moon?

To make the most of the Beaver Moon’s introspective energy, use Kyanite. This crystal promotes calm and alignment, making it a great tool for meditation and self-reflection. Work with Lapis Lazuli to take this spiritual balancing to the next level. Lapis Lazuli unlocks your Third Eye Chakra, channeling divine inspiration and wisdom to help you start the next Wheel of the Year off on the right foot.

Once your self-reflection has revealed the negative habits or energies that are holding you back, turn to Morganite. This loving crystal is the embodiment of divine love. It works slowly, helping you gently release the things that no longer serve you. Morganite’s frequencies wrap around you like a warm, cozy blanket, reminding you to be gentle with yourself as nature moves into a period of rest.

Add Garnet to your living or dining room to bring your loved ones closer together this holiday season. This crystal’s creative energy will also help keep you motivated and industrious, just like the beaver!

As nature enters its metaphorical death and we complete the year, reach for Mahogany Obsidian. This crystal represents the fulfillment of the Beaver Moon while also encouraging positive transformation in the coming year. Mahogany Obsidian grounds you in your best self.

Jasper the “supreme nurturer” embodies all of the Beaver Moon’s lessons. This stabilizing stone symbolizes wholeness. It balances your emotional body through deep reflection and relieves anxieties to promote calm. Let Jasper’s protective vibrations keep you safe as winter’s cold approaches.

The year is winding down, and it’s a natural time for contemplation, togetherness, and completion. Working with crystals, you can explore all of the lessons the Beaver Moon has to offer and set yourself to make 2022 your best year yet!