Crystal Confetti - Cancer Sun Sign Inspired Crystals - June 21st to July 22 - From 15 Dollars and Up - Crystals Gifts

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Crystal Confetti - specially for Cancer sun signs

Crystal Confetti - Created Just For Cancer Sun Signs - June 21st to July 22nd Birthdays

We designed this batch of crystal confetti just for those "crabby" Cancers! Treat yourself or surprise that cancer in your life with a scoop of our blend.

What makes our "Cancer Inspired" crystal confetti special and set's up apart?
- Top quality stones and jewelry
- Identification, you'll receive information to help you identify what's in your scoop. No having to take picture and post on Facebook to figure out what you received.

These are the crystals and jewelry that make up our "Cancer Inspired" crystal confetti and what makes them perfect for Cancers.

This passionate crystal resonates with creativity and compassion. Carnelian infuses you with happiness, motivation, and energy to achieve their goals. This stone serves as a conduit for divine love, promoting calm and spiritual awareness. Carnelian’s connection to the Root Chakra also helps ground you while still supporting their intuitive side.

Iolite stimulates inspiration and emotional clarity. It encourages creativity while providing the rational skills, such as motivation and organization, to help you chase their dreams. Also known as “Water Sapphire,” Iolite resonates with aquatic energy. It uses water’s balancing nature to promote stability that this sign sign require and support healthy relationships.

Since this sign is is ruled by the Moon, this celestial crystal is the perfect tool. Moonstone draws on spirituality, heightening intuition and connection to the divine feminine. Moonstone also encourages self-awareness and authenticity, allowing for personal and professional fulfillment. This nurturing crystal helps release fears and open you up to new beginnings.

This positive crystal is the perfect antidote to negativity. Opalite often contains small imperfections, and it helps us see that our flaws are actually beautiful. They are what make us unique! This calming stone takes this work one step further by relieving anxiety and encouraging those to release any toxicity in their lives. Opalite also promotes effective communication, especially in romantic relationships, and facilitates smooth transitions.

Selenite is named after the Roman goddess of the Moon, Selene. This divine crystal aligns with the universal plan and is a conduit of unconditional love. Sometimes there is resistant to change, but Selenite promotes gentle transformation. It allows for clarity and self-awareness.

A stone of purification, Shungite counteracts unconstructive tendencies. It promotes calm and clarity. Shungite carries a strong Earth energy, allowing for grounding and balance. Shungite counteracts their negative self-talk.

You may receive these types of stones: tumbled stones, palms stones, hearts, spheres, pyramids, eggs, rough stones, orgonite, stones on pins, towers, cubes, angels, free points, polished points, clusters, jewelry, cabs, orgonite. This is just an example, there may be other types to crystals not listed above.

Option 1:  $15, 3 to 4 ounces 
Option 2:  $29, 7 to 8 ounces
Option 3:  $55, 1 pound