Carnelian Banded Pyramids, 1" Pyramids, Small Carnelian Pyramids

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Carnelian Banded 1 inch pyramids

Carnelian Banded Pyramids, Small Pyramids, Carnelian Pyramids for Creativity

These are VERY SMALL pyramids! The base of the pyramid is about .9" - 1" at the base and about .75" (3/4 in) tall, that is under 1" tall. You'll receive the exact pyramid you purchase, see the # in the pictures. The actual size of the pyramids will vary and may be slightly larger or smaller than listed. Pyramid #1 is the smallest.

Not sure how big .75" is? Look at your index finger and where the first bend is to the tip of your finger is about .75"-1".

Carnelian is a grounding and stabilizing stone that helps to sharpen concentration. It is known to aid one's perceptiveness and enhance analytical capabilities and precision. This makes it useful for those seeking assistance with creativity and motivation. Additionally, Carnelian stones can assist with past-life recall.