Dragons Blood Stone Pyramids For Abundance and Prosperity, Dragon's Stone Pyramids

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Dragon's Blood Pyramids

Dragon's Blood Pyramids, Small & Medium Pyramids, Dragons Blood Jasper Pyramids

Dragons Blood stone comes from South Africa and is a combination of green (Epidote) and Red (Piemontite). This stone is also called Dragon's Stone. Use Dragon's stone when you want to attract money in your life and need help to achieve your goals.

We're excited to intuitively select a Dragon's Blood pyramid for you from our inventory. Pick your favorite size. The picture is a representation of what we have in stock. The pyramid you receive may be slightly larger or smaller. Approximate size:
Option 1:  Small pyramids range from 1.17" to 1.24" at the base and about 1" tall.
Option 2: Medium Pyramids range from 1.95"-2" at the base and 1.7" to 1.75" tall