Focus & Concentration Box, 2 Sizes, For School, Work or Life

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$35 back to school box

Focus and Concentration Boxes, 2 Sizes, For School or Work

My Dream Crystals is pleased to present their very own custom made Focus and Concentration box.  The items in the box were hand picked to help you focus and concentrate in your everyday. This incudes stones for motivation, protection, sleeping and grounding.

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We have 2 boxes available, see the details below:

$25 box includes:

- 2 Hematite Tumbled Stones.  Use one at home near your study area and carry the smaller one with you.  Hematite is called the back to school stone.   
- 1 Fluorite Worry Stone.  Fluorite is good for concentration.  
- 1 Carnelian Tumbled Stone. Carry your Carnelian stone with you.  
- 1 Chevron Tumbled Amethyst.  Carry your Chevron Amethyst stone with you.  
- 1 Shungite Orgone Wire Wrapped Pendant.  This pendant is made from Shungite chips encased in a resin and comes with a sik braided adjustable cord.   

$35 box includes:

All the above plus:
- 1 Small Hematite Pyramid
- 1 Rough Shungite Mini Pin.   Perfect for you desk or bedside.

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