Personalized Entity Removal and Clearing

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Personalized Entity Removal and Clearing

Like angels, dark energies have been around since the beginning of time.

What is a dark energy?

There are many different entities that can attach to you or take you over, including satanics, demonics, ghosts, archons and other parasites. There are also curses and implants that can affect you in negative ways. They can attach to people, places, pets or objects and cause you harm.

These entities are attracted in several ways. They feed off of low vibration energy such as fear, anger, depression, guilt, shame and so on. They can also come in when you engage in addictive activities that take you out of body such as drugs, alcohol, cult practices or obsessions such as pornography or video gaming.

How do I know if I have a parasitic attachment?

​You probably have an attachment that needs to be cleared if:

  • You have issues with chronic anger, fear or confusion. 

  • You feel out of control, apathetic, manic or depleted. 

  • You hear voices telling you to do things you know are wrong. 

  • Nothing in your life is going right. 

  • You are driven to perform ritualistic or obsessive behaviors. 

  • You can also experience ear ringing, or disturbing dreams.

  • Most of the time you need help clearing dark entities and will need to make some changes in your life to keep them away.

​We will work with you to create a comprehensive program to clear you or your space and use crystals to help raise the vibration and protect the space. Please contact us to discuss what is going on and we will create a personalized package to fit your individual needs.  Packages starting at $295.00.

We are available outside of the metro Atlanta area & your fee would include travel related expenses.