Personalized Manifesting Sphere, Any Area of Your Life

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Personalized Manifesting Sphere


 A Powerful Tool to Clear Blocks to Your Heart’s Desire

 Experiencing blocks to what you want to manifest in your life?

We all get blocked sometimes, getting stuck in some area of life, from issues with health, family, cash, work, personal aspirations or any crisis, and it feels like we can’t move forward. It can seem like something on the outside is stopping you, but if you’re not manifesting what you really want in life, you are actually unconsciously blocking your own heart’s desire. A block is a pattern in your energetic field from childhood that distorts your perception and sabotages your ability to manifest your dreams. These blocks can impact any area of your life; from issues with health, family, cash, work, personal aspirations or any crisis. By removing a block we open up the ability to co-create a different reality.

Why use a sphere to manifest your intentions?

When we look at the sphere we see its smooth curved continuous surface A sphere is a shape that has no boundaries, angles or corners, unlike shapes such as a pyramid, cube, or other sacred geometry shapes. Spheres opens you up to all 360 degrees of possible choices and can attract new and unique opportunities that may not have been in your consciousness.

How do we program the sphere?

We'll get started by scheduling a 90 minutes personalized session. During this session we’ll work together and dig deep to identify a pattern in your life that's blocking your ability to manifest in the area you have chosen to work on. Once we can identify the blocking pattern then we can clear it! Sound complicated, not really! Once we start talking the information will just flow.

Also during your session we'll intuitively select the perfect sphere for you. At My Dream Crystals we consider our crystals to be like people with personalities, no two are alike! The same mineral can display a range of colors or inclusions making it one of a kind. Each one has its own unique vibration and purpose that can enhance or complement what you are trying to manifest. Your sphere will arrive with instructions on how to use and take care of it.

 Why use a Crystal Grid?

After the session we’ll use the information you provided to create a grid using sacred geometry and ancient magical teachings to program your sphere. Crystal Grids are used to help amplify the energy of the crystals. Think of a grid as a "crystal sports team". Each individual "player" brings a strength, an unique individual talent. When you put all of the 'players' together you build a strong team. Using sacred geometry is about speaking the language the universe understands. We'll show you how to place stones in a pattern that ties it all together. This is how a crystal grid work!

This whole process can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Average size of the spheres is 30-50mm with a retail cost under $50.

This service is $395 for one sphere and we do offer $100 discount for additional spheres on the same order.

Total package includes: Up to a 90 minute personalized session, intuitively selected and programmed sphere focused to help remove your blocks, bonus sister stones, information on each stone and a sacred geometry grid.

Disclaimer: Our services are in no way intended to be considered medical advice, substitutions for prescription medicine, traditional or holistic medical care. You should ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor for any medical, physical or emotional issues.