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We love black tourmaline!!  It acts like a psychic car wash, keep 2 pieces by your door, one each side, & when people walk through they're  energetically cleansed.  It's a great way to keep your space clean, especially if you do any type of body or energy work.  

  • Protects against cell phone emissions, psychic attacks, ill wishes
  • A purifying and protective stone on all levels, enhances your immune system.
  • Grounds energy, encourages a positive attitude no matter what's going on. 
  • An excellent aura cleanser as it both repels and transforms negative energies. 
  • Changes and releases internal negativity.
  • Heals houseplants
  • It is so good at this that it is said to repel radiation and appears to help if placed in front of computer monitors., EMF protection.
  • As is common with black stones, it is an extremely effective base chakra cleanser and grounding stone. 
  • Can help you sleep.
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