Red Jasper Pyramids for Root Chakra, Jasper Pyramid for Grounding

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Red Jasper Pyramids

Red Jasper Pyramids, Multiple Sizes, Jasper Pyramid Stones

Jasper in general is considered a Red Jasper is associated with the root chakra and is a good stone to use for grounding.

In sacred geometry, the pyramid connects Heaven and Earth. It serves as a conduit for divine wisdom as well as a broadcaster for your intentions. Pyramids are powerful sources of preservation; just look at Ancient Egyptian mummies! Use pyramids in your manifestation and meditation practices.

Select your favorite red jasper pyramid, you'll receive the exact stone in the picture. Approximate sizes:
Option 1:  1.95" x 1.98" at the base and 1.75" tall
Option 2:  1.85" x 1.83" at the base and 1.5" tall
Option 3:  1.97" x 1.98" at the base and 1.8" tall

Option 4:  Small pyramids, we'll select one for you from our inventory.  The small pyramids are approximately 1.5" x 1.2" at the base and 1" tall.